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2017 Hyundai Santa-Fe Wiper Blade Size Options

2017 Hyundai Santa-Fe Wiper Blade Size Options

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Looking for 2017 Hyundai Santa-Fe wiper blades? As a smart shopper, you desire to get the best quality blades at affordable prices. Accomplishing this goal isn’t difficult, but some useful info about wiper blades can make your job a little easier. This short guide explains what you need to know about wiper blade shopping – plus some handy instructions on how to change out your blades.

How New Wiper Blades Improve Visibility

Wiper blades wear out with repeated use. That’s because of the friction generated each time the arms go back and forth over your windshield glass. Dispensing wiper fluid before you activate the wipers can cut down a little of this wear and tear. But eventually, those blades must be replaced. Old blades don’t clean your windshield as well, often leaving streaks and debris behind. And with compromised visibility, your chances of getting into a collision increase.

In contrast, new blades have fresh rubber edges that clean efficiently. You’ll usually see blades in three different styles: beam, conventional and hybrid. Conventional blades have metal frames with pivot points and attach to rubber squeegee edges. Beam blades use a solid piece of rubber curved just like the windshield for the most proficient and accurate cleaning. Hybrid blades combine a curved aerodynamic piece of rubber with a metal frame and pivot points.

When you’re shopping for blades, you also need to select the proper size. Keep in mind that you’ll need to buy three different sizes: 26 inches for the driver’s side, 13 inches for the passenger’s side, and 12 inches for the rear window.

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How To Change Your Wiper Blades

Replacing your Hyundai Santa-Fe wiper blades is one of the easiest maintenance tasks you can perform. Before getting started, consider unpacking your blades and lifting your wiper arms up. You’ll save some time and avoid juggling objects in the process. You can complete your replacement in a few simple steps:

  • Turn each blade until it’s sitting perpendicular to the wiper arm.
  • Gently press the release tab and pull your old blade out of the slot.
  • Rotate the blade again until it’s parallel to the wiper arm.
  • Guide the old blade over and off the wiper arm hook.
  • Slide the new blade onto the arm hook and maneuver into the slot.
  • Press the new place into the slot until it clicks.

Picking the Best Wiper Blades for Your Hyundai

Now that you know why and how to replace your wiper blades, you need to select ones that best meet your needs. You’ll recall that conventional blades use a simple construction, so they’re usually the least expensive kind. They provide dependable performance, but they can wear out faster in heavy rainy or snowy weather. Beam blades cost more, but they clean more precisely and last up to twice as long. Hybrids are less expensive than beam blades and deliver similar performance, but they may wear out a little more quickly than beam blades. When you search for “wiper blades near me,” choose a reputable retailer with great customer service and a wide range of blade styles, sizes and brands.

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