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Top Affiliate Marketing Trends in Malaysia to Jump-Start the New Year 2021

Top Affiliate Marketing Trends in Malaysia to Jump-Start the New Year 2021

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A recent statistic suggests that every Malaysian consumer has at least one credit card and spends more than 6 hours online, whether in browsing or online shopping. While the country ranks among the world’s top 5 countries for social media penetration, 53% of the locals shop online.

These positive statistics set the base for a profitable affiliate program in Malaysia. The ideal way to use this performance-based marketing is to invest in its latest trends, ensuring your brand sales make sky-rocketing profits from the start of 2021. 

Here are some of the top affiliate marketing trends you will find rewarding for your business in Malaysia.

Influencers to Play a More Important Role in Affiliate Marketing

While 53% of all social media influencers in Malaysia are micro-influencers with about 20k followers, the top ones are macro-influencers with over 700k online followers.

Trust will continue to be a significant aspect of affiliate marketing. With famous influencers having loyal followers, they can lend their rectitude and validity to your brand. 

Find the leading influencers within your niche who present the best affiliate marketing content, establishing your brand value in Malaysia successfully.

Localization Will Help in Gaining Customers’ Attention

When you look at the top affiliate program in Malaysia, you will find the country’s largest online marketplace, offering commissions of up to 7% on every sale. 

Such programs focus on offerings that cater to the local consumers, aligning to the Malaysian culture and market expectations. 

With affiliate marketing, try establishing a partnership with such trusted voices in the local communities, ensuring your brand reaches various Malaysian society segments.

Targeting Seasonal and Special Events Will Surely Be Fruitful

In Malaysia, while women present chocolates to their partners on Valentine’s Day, the men reciprocate the gesture a month later, on March 14th. It’s called the White Day, and on this day, the online shoppers look for custom-made apparel and jewellery. 

Having an affiliate marketing strategy that focuses on seasonal holiday events and such occasions will help generate excellent sales. Experts recommend offering special incentives and discounts to attract a larger audience, who usually indulge in shopping during the festive seasons.

Videos to Be an Important Content Marketing Tool

About 58% of Malaysian consumers purchase products after watching branded social videos on their mobile devices.

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Videos are an excellent medium that helps consumers to search, assess and purchase your offerings. You can create explainer videos, well-suited for various platforms, from websites to social media, talking about your brand.

Using Automated Management Tools Will Make All the Difference

Leading Malaysian Experts empower brands and influencers to grow online with their simple, feature-rich affiliate software. Thanks to their offered automation and optimized design, you can monitor your affiliate campaign progress in real-time. 

Engage with an agency that offers reliable, accurate tracking tools, full control, transparency, weekly and automated payments for better sales.

As a result of Malaysia’s high online connectivity, the country boasts over 15 million online shoppers, with about 62% of locals doing online shopping on mobiles. While offering an excellent e-commerce platform, it hosts free events on affiliate programs in the capital city.

With the outlook for affiliate programs in Malaysia looking strong for 2021, consult a professional and try out these latest trends to run a successful affiliate program in Malaysia. Rest assured, you will have a thriving business based out of Malaysia, with a global footprint.

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