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Chatiw is closed – Here’s the List of Mirror Sites in 2023

Chatiw is closed – Here’s the List of Mirror Sites in 2023

Chatiw is closed - Here's the List of Mirror Sites
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Will Chatiw an authentic site that will help you to find your serious and real partner? Or it is merely a fake hope? Let us get to know about it.

Chatiw is a chat alliance that allows you to communicate free of cost by using this fabulous site. It is in range on both desktop and cell phones, but it is observed that the latter one is more suitable for efficient access than the former one. It is easily accessed in almost all countries most especially the United States and the United Kingdom.

This particular site advertise itself as pretty good chat service and a handily approached rostrum that gives you a chance to meet your soul mates. It affirms to help you form any kind of compatible relationship with other single men and women searching for the same. There is no limitations for chatting. You have the opportunity to even chat with the ones who are on the opposite side of the map.


When we talk about the registration, there is no registration process if you want to ingress this site. You do not require to put any email address or password etc. You just simply need to provide your general information like nickname, age, gender, country and state. For making it more uncomplicated, you may also click to “USE GPS” to allow the site to get access to your location which will be helpful for you to find your desired partner with in your proximity.

Moreover, if you desire to adore some relevant and special features, the site grants you a paid membership where the profile can be made. This is the most conducive as you will not be required to fill the form again and again when you log in. And more thoughtfully, this paid membership gives you a special space in their other services such as customer support and profile highlight.

The site approves your existence from a captcha code. It also features you with a text box of reminders once you have entered the site. The nickname or username you provided should be authentic.



As far as the security of your information is concerned, although it will be visible to everyone only when you are online. Once you deactivate the site, the site is automatically logged out and your information that you have entered is deleted.

Secondly, as there is no verification process via email address or password so we are not sure that how they verify and keep a check on scammers, extortion and booster. The only possible way from which you can satisfy your sanctuary is that you can block the irritating ones and once you block the one, the site will obstruct the person for 48 hours.


Although Chatiw Is A Free Site But It Does Possess Some Limitations As Follows.

  • You are allowed to send only a limited quantity of messages per day.
  • You are prohibited to send links or numbers, this is only obliged to big cheese.

You need to be vigilant though. Based on our analysis, there are some chatters who are pretty revealing and assertive. They are very obvious in expressing their type especially at the moment. Some may also send you irrelevant pictures. In this situation, you only thing you can do is either you overlook the message or report the person by blocking him or her.

Salient Features

Salient Features

Chatiw is apparently a site where you can communicate with the intruders all over the planet. It does not own any extraordinary features. However you can discover the main ones on the home page and main page.


You can reach the link to the blogs and articles and posts at the bottom of the homepage before stepping into the main page. The blogs are useful guidelines and clues about dating, liaisons, and online chatting.

Safety Instructions

There is isolated link that gives you clues on online chatting. The site aims to help you to stay away from online scammers and fraud.

Chat History

Your chat history can be found on the top portion of the Chatiw’s main chat page, beside the inbox. There is the list of conversations you have done with other members while you were active. It does not have a record of the previous chats you had on some different day or hour.

Other Links

You may discover numerous links all over on the main page which may assist you to get access to different sites that offers you many chat rooms and live shows. They are the associates of Chatiw.

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Chatiw is basically a free chat service. You do not require to pay for enjoying its features. Moreover, they are also offering some VIP subscriptions to enhance your experience. Such subscription allows you to be prior in terms of customer help, advisories and other services.

To become a special member, you need to register with their VIP membership. When you enter in the VIP category, you become free from reentering the information each and every time you access the site. You only need to log in to the site and material automatically loads. You also need not go through their bot captchas, which is the crucial security measure for them.

Chatiw offers you a lifetime membership for only 99.95$. You can transfer your payments by PayPal.

The site is the custom-built chat interface that allows the customer to interact with other people. It also provides you with a personal chatrooms where two people can communicate comfortably.

There is no option of group chat or live shows but different links of various sites are available which offer these features.

You get the chance to chat with other users anonymously. There are no display pictures and you can use any username as long as it is not used by anyone else.

Final words

Chatiw is an interesting online chatting site where you can find your desired and compatible soulmate and build a unique and trustworthy relationship for a longer time.

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