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How to Consume CBD Flowers and Hemp Strains

How to Consume CBD Flowers and Hemp Strains

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If someone is asked about the difference between marijuana and hemp plant, they are forgiven if they don’t know about any distinctions between the two. Even some long-time smokers of marijuana may admit that they don’t have any idea about the differences, Many people who smoke marijuana may not realize that the product also needs to be properly stored in order to maintain its quality and potency. Proper storage can help to preserve the aroma, flavor, and effects of the marijuana. A recommended method for storing marijuana is using glass jars for cannabis. These jars are made from a non-reactive material that will not interact with the contents, preserving the taste and aroma of the marijuana. Learn more about marijuana here: 

The two plants may be used interchangeably, and they may have the same appearance from afar. However, they are very different from each other. Hemp is legal, while weed is illegal in many states. 

What’s even more confusing to the consumers is that both varieties come from the plant Cannabis Sativa. The hemp plants may contain a lot of CBD, whereas cannabis is rich in THC. Since both of these plants are both flowering varieties, is smoking the cannabidiol buds better than weed?

The Main Differences

Before getting into a detailed dive about the hemp flowers, it’s crucial to know what separates the weed from the hemp plants, even if they came from the same species. Both of them are considered cousins, and interbreeding may happen. 

However, in appearance, the hemp can grow taller and skinnier than its cousin. The plants can grow about 12 feet tall, and it’s hardy. The marijuana plant is bushier in appearance, and it requires careful cultivation to produce effective buds. More importantly, hemp extracts contain less than 0.3% THC, while marijuana has more than 30% of this psychoactive compound.

About the Hemp Flowers

A lot of CBD products are popular in the market today. However, many companies may not produce the full-spectrum one, which means that the formulation does not include the hemp plant’s other components. 

Some only produce 100% cannabidiol extract, which lacks flavonoids, a little THC, terpenes and other compounds that make the effect more instantaneous. Isolated CBD may not contain the “whole plant benefit,” and it sometimes may not improve the beneficial aspects of cannabinoids, so some people may not prefer buying the isolates.

The residual THC, cannabinoids, and terpenes contribute to the enhancement of the endocannabinoid receptors. This can be compared to when you are heading to a birthday party. It’s more fun to have friends to help you find the party’s direction, and the more of them are involved, the happier everyone will be. The next thing to look for is the best method for consuming hemp buds or flowers.

Consuming the Hemp Strains

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CBD is fat-soluble similar to that of THC. When you infuse the flowers into butter or oil, the more potent the effect will be. If you’re going to achieve a long-term impact, then smoking is the way to go.

Consuming cannabidiol products like oil or snacks can have a slower effect. You can read more here when you want information about cannabidiol. This is because the oil will need to go through digestion before it reaches the bloodstream. The digestive tract is often 30 feet long, and this is why some people may feel the effects after several hours when they take CBD oil instead of smoking it. The ingestion process also goes through the liver, and the cannabinoids will be substantially broken down, reducing their effects.

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Another thing is that many people are not familiar with the right dose that they should take. Anyone who has chosen the edibles can find that they are more potent than the oil. The infusions should be homogenized properly. You should start with a small dose of cannabidiol and see how your body reacts after a few days. 

Smoking may be the fastest way of getting the hemp flowers into your bloodstream, but it still has its drawbacks. While cannabis has anti-inflammatory effects and it’s not as harmful as cigarettes, you won’t find a doctor that will tell you to inhale CBD or any kind of burning material for the matter.

What you can do, though, is to use a dry herb for vapes. This is the healthiest way of consuming the flowers and the safest way to feel the entourage effect. You can feel the terpenes and the cannabinoids without the harsh act of inhaling burnt carbon.

CBD in a vape will go directly into your bloodstream through the lungs. There’s no stopover to the liver, and the effects can be quickly felt at the onset. You can also control the grams and measure the hemp buds that you are putting into your vape pen.

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