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Short Mens Hairstyles to Transform Your Looks Instantly

Short Mens Hairstyles to Transform Your Looks Instantly

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Most men choose to keep short hairstyles because of their smart appearance and ease of maintenance. Some go for cropped cuts, while others prefer the sharp crew cuts, all of which make them stand out and look sleek. However, many short men’s hairstyles are coming up every day and you should stay informed to try the newest short haircuts as they come.

Today, there are many choices of short hairstyles to choose from. This makes it hard to decide on the best hairstyle to keep because they all look sleek. If you are finding it hard to choose, here is a list that will help you select the best short mens hairstyles that suit you best. 

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  1. Short Blowout Hair With Tapered Sides

Most gents will choose this variation of short mens hairstyles because of the relaxed and contemporary look it gives. To make it more stunning, ask your barber to taper the sides. That will make the hairstyle look more clean and sharp.

  1. Buzzcut Partnered with a Shaved Design

The usual buzz cut is a typical style among the men, but it looks too plain on your head. You can include a shaved design to sharpen the look. 

  1. Short Strands Combed Backward

This style is effortless. You only need a comb to push your strands backward. With this short mens hairstyles variation, you can attend official meetings and show up at your friend’s party later in the day. It is ideal for any occasion. 

  1. Classic Pompadour

This hairstyle was very famous for men in the 1950’s. It is still a popular style in this century because it always appears cool. 

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  1. Short Comb-Over

This mens hairstyle gives the gents a polished look, a reason most of them prefer it. If you have fine hair, this style will suit you perfectly. It is ideal for styling the thin locks. 

  1. Short Curly Quiff

 The curly quaff works best on people with curly hair. Styling your hair into a quiff helps your curls to be more visible and your hair’s volume more noticeable. 

  1. Fauxhawk

This almost resembles the traditional Mohawk. According to LoveHairStyles, the fauxhawk has a less intense projection of the edgy aesthetic than the traditional Mohawk. 

  1. High Top Fade

Most gents choose a combination of the high-top short mens hairstyles and fading sides. This makes the man look more modern and stylish, and your hairdo will not go unnoticed. Besides, it is ridiculously easy to style and maintain.

  1. Low Fade

This style features longer hair at the top which gradually fades towards the ears to show the skin near the ears. You can choose to wear it in a high, medium or low style. 

  1.  Messy French Top

Do you like to look messy? If yes, this is the right hairstyle for you. It appears modern, and you will not go unnoticed with the messy French top.

  1.  Modern Mohawk

Unlike the traditional Mohawk spiked and severe, the modern Mohawk looks cooler because it is combed back, and the hair seems more relaxed. 

  1.  Short Side Part Style

You can add some flavor to your short hair by giving it a side part. This makes the man look more handsome and refined. 

See Also

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  1. Finger Waves

Adding finger waves at the front of your short hair breaks the silence that comes with short hair. 

  1. Short Style With a Hard Part

 Ask your barber to add style to your short hair by shaving your strands. 

  1. Side Part Style with Fade

If you are looking for a masculine and less time-consuming look, you can add a side part style to your fade haircut. This look never goes unnoticed. 

  1. Side Part with Bangs

Plain and mens hairstyles make you look less fashionable. Consider going for more noticeable styles like the side part with bangs. You will never get disappointed. 

  1. Slicked-Back Undercut

This might not be the best choice for you if you spend days in the office. However, it looks sleek on guys whose days are casual.

  1. Slicked Back with a Side Part

Ask your barber for this haircut and combine it with a suit to give you that classic look.

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