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10 Proven Methods to Increase Followers and Drive Engagement on Instagram in 2021

10 Proven Methods to Increase Followers and Drive Engagement on Instagram in 2021

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Instagram has amassed over a billion dedicated users and has become a favorite for marketers, given how much engagement it drives. Add to this the fact that 80 percent of accounts follow a business on Instagram, and you have something that has made 25 million+ companies view Instagram marketing as a priority. If you are one of those people, we have you covered! Read on, and you’ll discover 10 of the most powerful tactics we have uncovered in our quest to become more popular on Instagram. If you are impatient and want instant results, you always have the option of checking out

Be Consistent With Your Posting

This goes without saying. Make sure that you post at least once a day, as the visual marketing tool Tailwind found that the more you post, the more followers and engagement you get. The study, which looked into over 100,000 Instagram profiles in 2017, also found that accounts that posted seven or more times a week are the ones with the best chance of reaching more people. 

Use Videos, Stories, And Live Videos To Your Advantage

While the site started as a means to share photos, it has rapidly become a place where live videos, Stories, and videos are massively popular across age groups. Posting engaging videos has become all the more critical, given the recent trend of increased engagement with videos. Going live can also get you to the front of the Stories feed, which puts you literally on the top of your viewer’s screens. As a testament to this, fifty-seven percent of brands view the Stories features as somewhat or very useful. To get more people to watch your content, you can always rely on LeoBoost services.

Research And Use The Best Possible Hashtags

One of the highlights of Instagram is its ability to get you a huge following and engagement rate with hashtags and location tags. Indeed, hashtags are so popular that it is possible to follow them on Instagram. Hence, it is not surprising that a study by Simply Measured found that posts with a hashtag and a location tag will get the most engagement, leading to a larger following. To get the maximum amount of attention possible, it is prudent to use around 9 hashtags even though Instagram allows 30, according to TrackMaven. We recommend tools like AutoHash, Focalmark, and Display Purpose for getting the best hashtags.

Share Content That Has Been Generated By Your Users

Companies can see considerable gains in the growth of the number of followers and engagement by embracing and sharing content generated by your followers. This basically means that you need to find the best content from customers or prospects on the web in which you have been tagged or mentioned. You then need to curate it and post it on your social media feeds while remembering to give credit to the person responsible for creating the content. User-Generated Content (UGC) is incredibly powerful if it syncs with your brand image and highlights the outcomes you provide from a consumer’s viewpoint.

Work With Others—it Pays Off

Employ partnerships or sponsorships to collaborate with various creators on the platform who may be doing work that is relevant to your company. This will do wonders for extending your reach and follower base on Instagram. Collaborations are especially great because both audiences get a great deal, and you also acquire access to a new audience. Getting Instagram influencers on board to promote your brand is also something you can look into, provided you have the budget for such an undertaking.

Know When To Post And Stick With It

There is no universally accepted best time for you to post on Instagram. It all comes down to when your audience is most active. Make sure to use Instagram analytics tools, such as Buffer and Iconosquare, to find the ideal posting time based on your Instagram data. You will see these tools to be useful, especially when you don’t have a business page and access to Insights. 

Leverage Your Analytics

Instagram Insights is one of the best sources of information to know what your audience wants to see and what they would react positively to. Based on that, you can tailor your content to meet your audiences’ needs.

To see these useful Insights,

  1. Go to the app and tap on your profile picture
  2. Click the icon for Instagram Insights
  3. Proceed to the “Posts” section and go to “See more”

This dashboard provides you with a comprehensive view of your content based on the impressions. If you want to use another metric, you can do so by changing the filter used. This will give you information on things like the top videos in the last 3 months sorted based on the comments.

 You can also view post-wise analytics, which tells you which ones worked with your audience. When you have this information, you can simply post more similar content, and people will follow you to get more such content.

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Engage With Your Fans, Your Greatest Asset

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Ensure that when your fans spend their valuable time reacting to your posts, you show your appreciation by liking their comment or even replying. This gets the conversation rolling, and consequently, it drives engagement on your post.

Conduct Various Events On Your Instagram Page To Draw Participants

Having a contest can be fun, so this is one of the things that can get you the most engagement. If your content is compelling enough, you may very well end up with a whole host of new followers. This can be done by inviting your current followers to comment on your contest post with their favorite emoji or even tag a like-minded friend of theirs to take part in your contest.

Post Across Platforms

To drive more people to your posts on Instagram, you can share your content across all social media. A popular way to get more followers is to embed your Instagram posts in your blog. Further, you can add an Instagram feed to your Facebook page.

Wrapping Up

If there is a thought that we want to leave you with, it is that your Instagram is never over. Consistency is key, so keep posting high-quality content while incorporating these ten tactics into your 2021 Instagram strategy. Doing so will boost your follower count and engagement like never before.

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