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How To Recover Direct Deleted Messages On Instagram

How To Recover Direct Deleted Messages On Instagram

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Looking for a way to retrieve deleted direct Instagram messages? Follow only one of the following free methods for Instagram message recovery

Way 1 – User Whom You’ve Sent Free Recover Instagram Messages


If you erase Instagram direct message?, you have only removed your own conversation or email so that they are already accessible to another Instagram User to whom you’ve submitted them. So the best way to recover lost Instagram DM is to tell the user if they are not removed from their account to receive chats or emails.

Way 2 – Recover Instagram Messages Through Connected Facebook Account

The above method does not work for you if messages have been wiped away from the person you sent. Don’t worry, you can easily access or use the Inbox on Facebook to check-out and track your Instagram messages once linked to your Facebook and Instagram profile. Go to the official website of Facebook to sign up on your Facebook account, or check in on your Facebook inbox.

Click the Instagram Direct button in the left menu bar and here you will enter your Instagram Direct messages. 

Way 3 – Manually Recover Deleted Instagram Direct Messages

If your Instagram account does not connect Facebook, you will be able to recover deleted Instagram messages from it easy! Instagram adds a function to download all the information you share, including direct messages, photos, videos, commentary, etc. Follow the steps below: Go to the Instagram website page, log in to it with your Instagram account and password.

Tap the Account button at the top-right corner and then tap the Settings icon.

Select “Privacy and Security” in the pop-up windows, then scroll back to find “Data Download”.

To verify your identity, tap “Login Again” and enter the account information, press “Ask for Upload.”

After that, enter a link to a file with your photographs, comments, profiles, and more Instagram data in your email address and then click “Soon.”

Now type your username on Instagram and tap on “Upload application.” The subject “Your Instagram data” will then be e-mailed to you from Instagram.

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Open the email and click “Download Data”, a ZIP file because of all the data you communicated on Instagram will be uploaded to your computer.

Download and retrieve the zip file, open it with a text editor and find the messages you wish to retrieve from Instagram. Instagram is available.          

  Please note that it takes up to 48 hours for Instagram to collect the data and send it to you on a single request at a time. So, you need to wait for the patient to receive the email.

Way 4 – Recover Deleted Instagram Direct Messages Online

This method involves the utilization of a website for Instagram message recovery which a previous Instagram employee is said to have developed. It allows you to recover deleted direct Instagram messages from your Instagram account online by logging in. Below are the steps: Go to the Instagram Message Recovery online site and enter your Instagram username and Profile URL. Click on “Recover Messages” to initiate the recovery process after signing into your Instagram account.

Complement the human test to show you are indeed an individual, then the deleted Instagram messages can be retrieved.

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