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Merritt Patterson: Rising Star in the Entertainment Industry | Biography, Filmography, and Latest Projects

Merritt Patterson: Rising Star in the Entertainment Industry | Biography, Filmography, and Latest Projects

Merritt Patterson
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Who is Merritt Patterson?

Born and raised in Whistler, BC, Canada, Merritt is a Canadian actress. She is best known for the character named “Olivia” that she played in a TV series called “Ravenswood”. Merritt Patterson has also appeared in “Forever in My Heart” (a recent Hallmark TV series). 

Early Life and Childhood

Merritt Patterson was born in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada on 2 September 1990. This year marks her 30th birthday. Additionally, her father is Dave Patterson and her sister is named Mackenzie. Her mother occasionally appears in her Instagram photos, but she has never publicly referred to her. She is also a descendant of Scottish immigrants with Canadian citizenship. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles, California.

The public does not know a lot about Patterson’s childhood or educational background. However, she was known to have learned to dance and participate in competitions at her school from a young age.

Merritt’s Career and Professional Life

As a teen, Merritt Patterson appeared in commercials for the UNO and Roger Touch phones. The year before, she won a Teen Model Search competition. When she was 11, she competed against ten thousand other participants in this show. Prior to competing in this show, she worked as a model. 

It was in 2006 that she appeared on the television show Kyle XY for the first time in her career. Her current credits include The Art of More: Wedding March 4, Christmas at the Palace, and Iron Invader. Her most recognizable role is as Olivia Matheson in Ravenswood. She has appeared in approximately 20 television shows by 2022. 

Her film debut was in 2009 in the film The Hole as Jessica, in which she played a role as a young woman. As well as Wolves, Rufus, Next Door Nightmare, and Unbroken: Path to Redemption, there are numerous other movies that deserve your attention. As of the end of this year, Patterson appeared in nine films. 

More Personal Life

Merritt Patterson has not revealed her relationship status publicly, but it appears that she is in a romantic relationship. On Instagram, she often posts pictures of her lover. A person with the Instagram handle *jr_ringer is frequently tagged in vacation and Valentine’s day photos. To avoid the gossip and constant attention of reporters, she has avoided mentioning the names of her family and lover.

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Merritt Patterson’s Net Worth

Currently, she is working on the Hallmark television series Forever in My Heart, which she will co-star with Jack Turner. Jenna, her character in this film, falls in love with Irish boy Charlie while traveling. The show premiered on 14 September. By 2022, it is estimated that Petterson has a net worth of $2 million. 

Merritt’s Height, Weight, and Other Body Measurements

Her height is 1.6 m, and she has a slim body. 35-26-35 is her body measurement and she weighs 57 kg. As per American standards, she wears size 7 shoes and a size 6 dress. Her eyes are blue and she has naturally brown hair. When dying her hair, she usually dyes it a different color. Some of the colors she uses on her hair are pink, blonde, blue, and black. One of Patterson’s most notable features is her brilliant blue eyes. 

Merritt Patterson’ Social Media Presence

The social media accounts of Merritt Patterson are regularly updated. She has 147k Instagram followers (@merritt_pattrsn) and 51.3k Twitter followers (@merrittpattrsn). On Instagram, she posts pictures of her projects. As well, she occasionally provides updates on her travels and family. There are a number of videos of her appearing in multiple television shows, even though she doesn’t have a personal YouTube channel. Home & Family videos are uploaded by the Hallmark Channel mostly featuring her.

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