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Top 5 Features To Go For In An Office Printer

Top 5 Features To Go For In An Office Printer

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One common thing with office work is that it doesn’t have the luxury of time, and you may have a lot of multitasking to do. Therefore, speed is usually of the essence, and a multifunction printer might come in handy. These devices help you perform several tasks at once without having to move around your office doing them at once. But as you go making a printer purchase, there are essential features you ought to look for in a fully functional multifunction monochrome printer. Here are the vital elements to go for when getting your multifunction printer monochrome.

1 – Functions

A good multifunction printer monochrome must have several workable features for your easy convenience. Typically, multifunction printers usually have various functions in them, and you can photocopy, send and receive faxes or scan documents. However, not all multifunction printers have these features, and it’s good to know the exact functions you need. Some printers lack a function or two, which makes them efficient and offers excellent quality in the remaining functions they offer.

2 – Wireless Connectivity

An ideal multifunction printer monochrome should allow you to connect remotely without having to plug in cables. This feature can be vital if you have to move around more often or multiple people wanting to use the printer. The printer should also allow you to print from cloud-based apps, making it convenient for you and other users.

3 – Automatic Document Feeder (Adf)

This feature allows your multifunction printer monochrome to automatically feed through a stack of papers without manually doing it. Imagine if you had a large volume of documents to print; wouldn’t that be too much work? It would mean having to place papers individually to get printed. Therefore, as you go for a monochrome printer, ensure that it’s ADF-enabled to make printing, scanning, and photocopying easier for you.

4 – Automatic Duplex Printing

Most multifunction printer monochromes usually have built-in duplex printing functionalities. This feature allows you to print papers on both of their sides. However, some printers require that you turn the pieces manually to print their other sides, and it can be hectic if you are printing a lot of them. Therefore, go for automatic duplex printers as these usually don’t need you to turn them manually. It allows the printer to automatically turn the paper themselves and makes the work less hectic.

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5 – Print Speed

Since the facet of time in office work is limited, it’s good that you choose a multifunction printer monochrome that gets the job done quickly. A good printer should print a good amount of pages in a shorter amount of time. Therefore, go for a monochrome printer that can do up to 65 pages per minute. Most monochrome printers have high printing speeds compared to color printers, and this should make it efficient for most of your office paperwork. Other finishing functions include high photocopying speeds, stapling, and bidding speeds that your printer should provide.


As you go looking for a multifunctional printer monochrome, you must understand the exact features you need. It will help you get the best quality of the functions you are looking for and be easy on you in terms of the purchase cost. Nevertheless, these essential features will help you get the best out of your multifunction printer monochrome and save a great deal of your office time.

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