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How Social Media Affects Your Website’s Growth – Strategies To Succeed

How Social Media Affects Your Website’s Growth – Strategies To Succeed

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Social networks are home to multi-million dollar audiences. Any one of these users can become your customer if their area of interest is the same as what you offer. However, this is not everything that can help the social media business. Promoting a web resource in search engines using Facebook and Twitter is what you should include in your website promotion strategy. Also, if your website is built on WordPress, here are some tips to improve website performance, this will not be superfluous.

Promotion on social networks differs favorably from traditional methods of promotion on the Internet. Social media marketing allows the brand not only to significantly improve its image in the eyes of the customer but also to establish two-way interaction with him. The unflagging popularity of social networks also contributes to the success of this strategy.

Accelerated Indexing Of Web Pages

Search robots work closely with social networking bots. In what way? For example, you have published an entry in your group that contains a link to the site. The social bot immediately clicked on the link, this is his direct responsibility. Bots from Google and other search engines also pulled up after it. This is how they were programmed to track the actions of the bots on social networks. This means that as soon as you create a post with any URL in it, community, or even profile, it is instantly noticed by both social and search engine machines. And this, in turn, allows you to index your website pages in an accelerated mode. Another feature is that search bots do not limit themselves to visiting one page. They go further if they find links to other relevant sections on it. Exceptional website speed can have a major play here since your web-page optimization heavily relies on the quality and speed of your domain. If you were looking for an option in this field you should check this professional service and you won’t disappoint yourself. InterServer offers web hosting that will satisfy all your requirements.

Which conclusion can be drawn from this? If you have added new pages to your site and do not want to wait for search engine robots to index them, post links to them on social networks. This will give them a chance to be indexed quicker.

Improved Ranking Of The Website Thanks To Social Signals

Social signals are defined as the actions of users in social networks. Namely: likes, reposts, clicking on links, comments. The number of subscribers in communities can also be considered such a signal and affect the promotion of the resource.

All of the above are considered by search engines. Posts that turn into “live” likes and reposts can easily lead the site to the TOP Edition of Google queries contained in the publication body. If the repost belongs to an authorized user of Twitter or Facebook, the probability of this increases significantly.

Groups or public pages where unique content is posted and real users are active not only improve the position of the web resource but also take good positions in search results themselves.

To make social signals work to their full potential, install social network widgets on your website. If they are already installed, motivate your customers to use them by sharing their publications and products with subscribers.

In case world ranking is something that you never heard about, you can check out this useful list. You can see world website rankings and make it clear for yourself that these numbers are measured daily.

Increasing The Site’s Position Through Behavioral Factors

The audience from social networks is more loyal and targeted than from search engines. This is because users are already in your group and want to know the news, read interesting articles, and get a selection of the products they need from you. Accordingly, when they come from your community via a link to the website, they see what they expect and do not leave the page as soon as random visitors from Google do.

Since a person is interested in your content, then they click on a link from the social network, they are very likely to continue to explore the resource, look through other publications or products.

All these nuances are taken very positively by search engines and allow the site to go up in rank.

Which Social Networks Help A Website To Promote Itself?


The likes that people put to business pages on Facebook are considered the most important for search engines. This may be because every user who likes the community has a link in their chronicle. And the more natural links, as you already know, the better the ranking of web resources in search engines.

Record reposting is valued even more by Facebook and Google. To ensure that your subscribers do not just like to publish, but also share them with friends, organize a contest, the condition of which will be liking and broadening your Facebook postings.

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For many years now, this social network has been used to speed up the SEO promotion of websites. Search engines react almost instantly to the publication of a link in tweets. If the link is left by authoritative users with a huge number of readers, it can easily display the site to which it refers in the search engine’s TOP list.

But even a retweeted entry from an ordinary user can help the resource to take a more advantageous position in search engines. All you have to do is to publish a link from your account and order several thousand retweets to any of the stock exchanges on the social networks. Or pay for the services of a reputable author to place the URL on your page.


If someone tells you that Google+ influences the ranking, then boldly reject this information, it is not relevant. This project is closed by Google and has no impact on the ranking. In case you never heard about Google+, this article can make some clear statements in your mind about a major shutdown at Google.

The Total Is 

If you actively attract the target audience to your social networking pages, some traffic is redirected to your website. And this also has a positive impact on the promotion of the resource in search engines.

Nowadays, two-way communication with the customer has become an important prerequisite for a successful business. Achieving the status of a leader in a tough competitive struggle is only possible by creating an attractive atmosphere around the brand and being well oriented towards the needs of its customers. The use of SMM technologies gives the brand significant advantages, differentiating it from its competitors.

Do not ignore social networks, because they can take your site to a new level!

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