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Why your real estate business needs a mobile app

Why your real estate business needs a mobile app

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Many online business owners are focused on developing mobile applications. This approach is extremely correct and correct. It is very important to keep up with progress and respond in a timely manner to the needs of potential customers. The presented service will help you find effective solutions for your online business.

Special apps are breaking popularity records. Users spend a lot of time within them. It’s hard to ignore statistics. That is why it is necessary, as soon as possible, to become part of the trend. Increasingly, people are using their own gadgets to shop. If you ignore the realities, you can miss out on a lot of competitive advantages. An increasing number of applications are appearing on smartphones. They can actually prove to be extremely useful and effective. DjangoStars – real estate software development company is ready to help.

Real estate mobile app features

It is enough to pay attention to the experience of foreign partners to be convinced of this. Mobile applications are vital for all online commercial projects. Otherwise, you should forget about big profits.

Mobile applications act as an effective tool for drawing attention to a product. Modern e-commerce simply cannot exist without them. The tandem of an online store and a mobile application can be considered a win-win business strategy.

The volume of traffic is growing rapidly. People are increasingly using phones or tablets for shopping. If there is no access to the mobile version, then you can lose a significant part of clients. In addition, user loyalty is very important. Only by satisfying their urgent needs can one acquire one. It is important to reach the entire available audience. This is a unique chance to increase sales and stand out from the competition.

The mobile solution is capable of covering a wide range of marketing tasks. The applications are fast and easy to use. These fully correspond to the existing high rhythm of life. They load quickly and boast a high threshold of information content.

How do real estate apps make money?

People almost never part with smartphones, which means that using the application, you can collect a lot of useful information: where the client is, how often he buys goods, which shopping center he prefers, how old he is, what gender he is, what brand of phone, which bank he trusts, and so on. Further. With this information, you can create an accurate portrait of the audience and use this data in sales – to develop personalized promotional codes or promotions and contests.

The application will help reduce employee costs, increase customer loyalty, automate internal business processes, increase the average purchase order and collect the information you need about users.

Calculate the ROI of your application before starting development. If development costs are not covered by sales from the site, take your time with this idea.

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To automate workflows, you don’t always need to create your own application – you can use third-party services.

When developing a mobile application, pay special attention to the interface – users should feel comfortable, and then they will spend more time with you. 


Surely, you wondered: which application will recoup the investment in it? The answer depends on the scope of your business, goals and objectives that the application should solve.

Important: the application itself does not guarantee communication with the client. If you can do everything in it as on the site, the application simply does not make sense. When developing, you need to understand exactly how the application interface works for you and the buyer – for example, it simplifies the process of buying and comparing products. If you cannot think of how the application should differ from the site, it is better to invest in a good responsive layout: that is, redesign the site so that it quickly and easily adapts to work on a smartphone. 

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