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Write For Us: Technology, AI, Blockchain and CBD

Write For Us: Technology, AI, Blockchain and CBD

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Our Editors:

The idea of guest posting or “Write For Us” is getting famous all across the world. According to famous bloggers and content writers, guest posting is one of the best things to get recognition in the blogger community and to generate organic traffic on your website/blog. Hundreds of websites are offering “Write for Us” opportunities to all the bloggers and content writers and Social Magz is one of them. 

SocialMagz is a lifestyle blog, you can find content related to every field of life. Health, fashion, food, home decor, technology, social media, and the list is long. The cherry on the top is you can find interesting articles that are informative and entertaining both at the same time. Currently, this website is loaded with hundreds of articles. And is now open for guest writers as well. 

What Are We Looking For? 

SocialMagz is looking for content writers that can not only create informative but entertaining content. It is very important to grab the attention of readers, so they can read every word of an article. If the content is boring, of course, no one will bother to read it from top to toe. SocialMagz is offering “Write For Us” to all the new and old bloggers. If you think you are capable of writing interesting content related to food, fashion, technology, or any other field of life then feel free to “Write For Us”. 

Pitch Your Ideas About

You can pitch your guest post ideas about: 

  • Blogging: what is SEO? How can you generate more traffic on your blog? Things to keep in mind while writing a good article etc. 
  • Lifestyle: How to decorate your room on a low budget? 5 must-have things for your kitchen? How to engage your pet in fun activities? How shopping helps reduce stress or any other topic that can help masses in maintaining a healthier and happier lifestyle. 
  • Food: best restaurants to dine in, best foods to keep yourself healthy and active, foods to avoid, foods for beauty or other interesting facts related to food, healthy lifestyle. 
  • Copywriting: tips related to writing headlines, emails, case studies, etc. 
  • Technology: how to earn money from youtube videos? How can you get maximum views, likes, and comments in minimum time? Tips for best digital marketing? Online shopping stores or any other technology-related interesting information that you want to share with the audience. 
  • Fashion: fashion freaks who know everything happening in the fashion industry. From the latest fashion trends to the life of designers and how you can promote your designs in the best possible ways. Anything worth sharing about the fashion world is welcomed on 
  • Productivity: Motivational articles related to staying productive, how you can earn besides studying, how to avoid distraction, tips to be more focused in life, etc. 

Where Should You Send Your Pitch?

If any one of you has expertise in the above-mentioned ideas then feel free to write a guest post. Once you are done email us at : ( Social Magz has a team of expert editors. Once they receive your email, the editor’s team will review the articles thoroughly and will decide whether the article deserved to get published or the writer needs more practice. 

SocialMagz is now open to pitch. You can pitch your content directly by sending an email. Or for any further information use the contact details below. 

Address: 3081 Hillview Drive

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Phone: 707-201-5768

Mobile: 406-729-4899

Why Should You Write For Us? 

Guest posting is one of the most common ways to get exposure. The new bloggers or owners of small websites can get into the spotlight by posting guest articles on well-known websites. SocialMagz is among some of the best platforms with a huge number of visitors per day. You may get a chance to generate organic traffic on your website. Some of the other benefits of “Write for us” at SocialMagz includes: 

  • Better traffic on your website. 
  • A community of bloggers where you can communicate and learn from experts. 
  • Gives you great writing experiences. 
  • Thousand of viewers in a day. 
  • Generates more fan following on social media. 
  • Helps in link building. 
  • Help to create a better brand image. 
  • Increased subscribers. 
  • And eventually better income. 

Tips To Create A Great Guest Post:

For all the writers who are new to the blogging world, a guest post needs to be authentic and 100% original. If you are writing a guest post for SocialMagz or any other website then keep the following important tips in your mind. These tips will help you for the rest of your life to create good and valuable content. 

  • Make sure your content has no plagiarism at all. Create 100% original content. Plagiarism is highly discouraged and it will affect your reputation as well. 
  • Choose attractive tops, mostly related to current affairs, to have more readership on your content. 
  • Take care of SEO. 
  • Create catchy headlines, to grab readers’ attention at once. 
  • Share your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. 
  • Take care of your vocabulary, grammar, and make sure you convey a lot in fewer words. 
  • Make sure your guest posts are in between 800- 2000 words. Short articles are easy to read and understand. 
  • Do proper research before writing your content. Misleading content can create trouble for you and the website. 
  • Try adding 1 and 2 attractive images. Pictures mostly support the content and help in conveying the message easily. 
  • Proofread your post twice or thrice to avoid any kind of errors. 
  • Encourage your readers to drop a comment, try to answer every query in the comment section. 
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