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Top 10 Places in Bangalore to Hang Out With Friends

Top 10 Places in Bangalore to Hang Out With Friends

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When you’re in a city that’s as exciting and innovative as Bangalore, you know that there’s never going to be a dearth of places to hang out with your friends. After all, this is a city that caters to so many young students and professionals. So, you can be certain that there are tons of clubs, parks, tourist attractions, restaurants, and cafes in Bangalore

for you to visit when you want to chill with your friends. But if you’re looking for something a little different from the usual favourites, we bring you our list of the top ten places in Bangalore to hang out with your friends.

1 – Social

With several outlets across the city, Social is more than just your usual cafe. It’s as great a place to eat and even co-work during the day as it is to drink, listen to live music and party at night. They’ve got a ton of must-try items that you’ll want to split with your gang including the Death Wings, Loaded Nachos, and their famous Butter Chicken Biryani. This could end up being your new Friday night haunt.

2 – Airlines Hotel and Corner House

If you’re looking for a place to hang out without shelling out the big bucks, go old school and check out the iconic coffee and snacks at Airlines Hotel in Ashok Nagar. This fifty-year-old establishment is a great open-air hangout spot for you and your friends. Enjoy the savoury snacks here before heading over to nearby Corner House for dessert and ice cream. Their famous Death by Chocolate sundae is a must-try!

3 – Mystery Rooms

Forget watching detective shows on TV. It’s time to bring the inner Sherlock Holmes inside you and your squad alive. Visit Mystery Rooms in Indira Nagar with your friends to finally settle the question of who the greatest detective of all time is, and who’s just Watson. You can choose between different themes like a jail escape, abduction, or bomb defusal and then work with your friends to solve the mystery before the timer runs out.

4 – Dyu Art Cafe

Located in Koramangala, this joint is part cafe, art gallery, and occasionally even functions as a workspace. Explore their two-storied art galleries or catch up with your friends over their all-day breakfast and banoffee pie.

5 – The Courtyard

If your idea of having a good time with your friends involves having a great meal and enjoying some smooth jazz, The Courtyard is the place for you. An outdoor cafe in Shanti Nagar, this is the perfect getaway from the usual noise and traffic of Bangalore. Sit back and try their delicious offerings. Our personal favourites are the fruit panna cotta and the lemon caramel custard.

6 – Commercial Street

Head to Commercial Street to experience the true nature of street shopping. You’ll definitely be able to pick up whatever you want – whether it’s clothes, jewellery, footwear or even gadgets – at a great deal and see who has the best bargaining skills in your group too. 

7 – Wonderla Park

If you’re a bit more of an adrenaline junkie, then you and your friends should try out Wonderla Park, the best amusement park in the city. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a bunch of rides, enjoy the water park and even a laser show together with your friends. 

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8 – Savandurga Hill

Are you and your squad ready to leave the city and hit the road? Well, Savandurga Hill is one of the best spots for trekking near Bangalore. There are two very popular trails for you and your friends to try, or you could even camp out overnight and catch the sunrise from the hilltop. That’s sure to be an incredible bonding experience for you and your friends.

9 – Bangalore Palace

This gorgeous monument, spread over 450 acres, contains a mix of Tudor, Edwardian, Neoclassical and Victorian-style architecture. Experience a walk in history with your friends here, and don’t forget to document all that royal living on Instagram!

10 – Nandi Hills

Instead of just hanging out with your friends for a little while, why not make a day trip out of it and head to Nandi Hills. This is the perfect weekend getaway where you and your friends can simply chill together or try out a bunch of adventure sports and other activities too.

So, these are our recommendations. All that’s left is to check them out. 

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