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8 Creative Ideas To Date Your Special Someone

8 Creative Ideas To Date Your Special Someone

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Why wait for Valentine’s Day when you can surprise your special someone every day? There are several ways you can show your love and affection to your significant other. And one of them is through dating.

And if you’re struggling with how to come up with creative ideas to date your boo, then you have come to the right place. Below is a curated list of the best dating ideas that will surely strengthen your bond.

Love Under The Stars

Who doesn’t love dating under the stars? If you and your special someone are more into adventure? Then pack up your backpack and go camp. If you are living in a location with backcountry trails, then this is the perfect opportunity to date while enjoying the great outdoors.

Just make sure that you follow safety measures and best practices. We never know a wild bear might come out of nowhere near your camping site. Having self-defense items is also a must as well so don’t forget to bring them. 

Be Playful With Booths

Bring back the high school vibes by having fun with date booths. But here’s the catch, make it a surprise booth that is made specifically for him/her. You can place it outside his/her home and act like it’s a mini-game held by your community.

The surprise comes when he/she enters the booth and you are there waiting inside. Being creative is the key to make your booth special.

You can find plenty of services that offer 10×10 booth rentals. After renting one, it’s up to you and let your creativity do the talking on making it more romantic and special.

Go Surfing Together


Ride the waves and feel the thrill together with your special someone. Surfing and enjoying the refreshing breeze of the beach is the most therapeutic feeling you and your boo can enjoy. Who doesn’t want to go to the beach and have that much-needed vitamin sea? 

And since we are still amid the pandemic, following beach safety protocols is also a must. You don’t want to spend the time under the sun and go home bringing signs of covid-19 symptoms, right? So stay safe, date safe, and both of you will be alright. 

Food Trip Galore

A couple that eats together, stays together. And what better way to date your special someone is by taking him/her to various food stalls or establishments. Not only you will enjoy the time together, but also have a full and satiated stomach throughout the date too. 

I highly recommend trying exotic foods that both of you have never tried before. Who doesn’t love eating scrumptious scorpions or savory worms that are grilled to perfection? Just ensure that you or him/her is not allergic to such food types.

Picnic With a Twist

Of course, who can never forget the traditional picnic sessions? But instead of going on a picnic to a park, try doing it somewhere else that both of you have ever been to before. Be it at the top of a cliff, in the middle of a forest, or anywhere where adventure calls. 

Don’t forget to bring proper equipment when doing so. Think of it as a normal adventure trip and the reward is a picnic session when you reached your destination. 

Mini Backyard Theatre Date

Since most cinemas are still closed because of the pandemic, then make one on your own outside your home. All you need is a clear blanket, a projector, and a laptop with movies. You can then set up your seats filled with foods and drinks too.

For a more comfortable feel, add some pillows and blankets in case the wind gets too cold. Cuddling while watching a movie will be so much more romantic with lots of pillows.

Just hope for the weather to cooperate so you won’t have to quickly pack up back inside the house. 

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Neighborhood Treasure Hunt

You don’t need to go to dangerous places to find treasure. Your neighborhood alone is already enough to be a treasure destination. What you’re going to do is both you and your special someone will hide items around the neighborhood.

The items will be anything that both of you can use for the date. Such an example would be wine, roses, or a special item that you want to give to him/her.

When both of you found each other’s treasure, you can then set up a table outside the house and have a romantic dinner date together.

Making Creative Portraits

Unleash you and your boo’s inner artist by drawing each other’s faces. But instead of drawing it normally, add a spice of creativity by portraying him/her as an anime character, or your favorite superhero/villain, and the like.

Once done, you can then frame each other’s portraits and use them as wall decor. Having creative portraits of each other is like having a tangible memory that you can keep forever.

Don’t you just love looking back at these portraits years from now and remembering all the memories you and him/her together having fun making it?


Traditional and boring dates are so old school. And we hope these creative date ideas will make you and your special someone’s time worthwhile. Now you can say goodbye to the old and in with the new by surprising him or her with creative dates.

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