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The Top 5 Health and Beauty Benefits of CBD for Women

The Top 5 Health and Beauty Benefits of CBD for Women

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Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is derived from cannabis plants but without the psychoactive ingredient. It’s touted as a natural, organic remedy for a vast range of ailments, particularly those concerning women.

But what exactly are the uses of CBD oil, and how does it help women? Let’s find out below.

1 – Alleviate PMS Symptoms

As any woman knows, PMS is no fun and we’d really rather not experience the cramps, bloating, tender breasts, and mood irregularities that come with it. Fortunately, CBD seems to address these symptoms to make our periods and the week leading up to them less of a trying experience. 

The combination of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, regulation of stress hormones, and improved liver detox capabilities may be playing a key role in easing the PMS symptoms.

2 – Promote Digestive Health

While digestive issues aren’t unique to women, a study showed that women are more commonly affected by them than men. In fact, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects twice as many women as men in the US. By regulating digestion and bowel movement and reducing inflammation of the digestive tract, CBD can help ease the symptoms that come with IBS and other digestive health problems. 

3 – Combat Mood Swings

PMS, perimenopause, and menopause are moments and events in women’s lives when we’re prone to experiencing stress, anxiety, and other mood symptoms. Fortunately, CBD can be used to combat mood swings, so it’s one less symptom to worry about during these times.

There are studies that support the claims that CBD can alleviate stress and anxiety. Besides regulating the stress hormone, CBD also helps activate the receptors in the brain producing dopamine. This combination is effective in relaxing both the mind and body, thus helping ease the feelings of anxiety.

4 – Boost beauty routine

CBD is also being used as part of beauty routines since it can offer women benefits like the reduction of dark spots, strengthening of hair follicles, and general improvement in skin health. 

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With its anti-inflammatory properties combined with its regulating effect on the sebaceous glands, CBD can help suppress acne breakouts. Topical application of CBD may also have positive effects on other skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and rashes.

5 – Regulate Hormone Levels

A study revealed that CBD helps in regulating hormone levels, particularly the stress activation hormone cortisol. Hemp-based CBD also contains gamma linolenic acid, which is said to also help in regulating hormones. Because of this, CBD can act as a preventative measure for hormonal fluctuations or provide some measure of relief.

For perimenopausal and menopausal women, CBD can help alleviate symptoms associated with this period of our lives like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and insomnia.

CBD has been growing in popularity due to the many health benefits associated with it, which range from its calming, sedative effect to its hormone-regulating properties. This is especially helpful in addressing ailments that are unique to or more common with women, like PMS, digestive problems, and hormonal imbalance.

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