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What Are Sneaker Proxies

What Are Sneaker Proxies

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Sneakers are serious business. Everyone in the world needs a pair of kicks, but sneakerheads are a different breed. A whole subculture has popped around collecting sneakers, and it’s revolutionizing how consumers handle limited time purchases.

Some unique sneakers can sell out within minutes, which makes them a precious commodity. While some collectors collect sneakers for their own needs – others resell it for a considerable profit, and that’s why it’s essential to ensure a purchase. Sneaker enthusiasts employ bots that make use of proxies to get the goods.

In this article, we’ll explore how sneakerheads use sneaker bots to get an edge over competitors, some of the most common issues they face, and why proxies are essential for sneaker buying.

What’re the Biggest Issues Sneaker Collectors Face?

Some of the most significant issues sneakerheads face (aside from getting their kicks dirty or creased) are copping the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer. There are many-a sneaker collectors out there but just a limited amount of desirable sneakers – making it a very competitive hobby.

Sneakerheads that don’t use bots or proxies are risking not getting the latest drop – as too many requests might cause a ban. Missing out on a drop that can sell out in minutes can be quite disastrous and could ultimately wind up costing money.

Lastly, finding a good bot and proxy for their needs isn’t an easy thing either. The market is flooded with faulty goods, and lack of education might prompt sneakerheads to make an unwise decision.

How Does Sneaker Copping Help?

Sneaker copping is the practice of purchasing sneakers through any means necessary. More often than not, this means employing bots to help you surpass any restrictions and ensure your purchase.

A lot of drops happen frequently, and handling all of them by yourself is not only slow, but it could also be bad optics in the long run. If you try to purchase sneakers without using bots and proxies, you can’t risk losing out because of a ban.

For sneakerheads that resell their goods, copping sneakers are essential for their business. Prices can skyrocket after the sneakers are sold out, and since they can sell out in minutes after dropping on the internet storefront – missing out on the latest pair of kicks can mean missing out on a promising investment.

What Tools Are Used?

Copping a fantastic pair of limited kicks is as easy as using the right tools for the job. Many different tools come in the sneakerhead arsenal for buying and selling. We’ll focus on the tools used for buying, as selling sneakers is a different beast entirely.

The tools used for buying sneakers are bots and proxies. There are a lot of sneaker bots out there, and some people create their own. Bots aren’t the cheapest thing in the world, so if you have any coding knowledge, it might be an excellent investment to create your own.

Good bots can send more than one request at a time – but they’ll need proxies for that. Proxies allow bots to send multiple requests from seemingly different locations ensuring that you purchase before getting banned for sending too many requests.

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Aside from these two things used for copping sneakers, you might want to include servers in your purchasing kit. Running your bot on a server is faster, better, and more stable than running your bot on your PC.

Why Are Sneaker Proxies Crucial?

Sneaker bots make the difference between a successful and a failed purchase – and the best tool to help them ensure a purchase is sneaker proxies. Without sneaker proxies, bots can repeatedly send requests from one single address – which prompts a soft ban from the administrator.

A soft ban doesn’t ban you from the service forever, but it might prevent you from accessing the sale or website for a couple of hours. Since high-end sneakers tend to sell out in a matter of minutes, a couple of hours can be disastrous.

Both residential proxies and data center proxies allow your bot to do this. Residential proxies are considered a better option as they aren’t sequential. Data center proxies can seem a bit suspicious and could yield a soft ban from the online storefront administrators. If you want to know more about these proxies, read more on Oxylabs.

Proxies scramble your IP address, allowing your bots to make multiple requests from seemingly different locations. Depending on your proxy’s type, amount, and response time, you can even make various purchases at the same time – significantly pumping up your ROI.


Sneakerheads have changed the way that people purchase limited-edition goods for good. This purchasing method is seeping over to different limited-time-only commodities through botting, special proxies, and running on servers.

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