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Top 5 Best Android Cardio Workout Apps

Top 5 Best Android Cardio Workout Apps

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Cardio workers are incredibly significant, as not only do they help you stay healthy, but help you lose weight as well as keep your immune system check. More so, cardio workouts can be slow-paced or of high-intensity, depending on your objectives. 

Due to the latest technological innovations, there are tons of useful applications that are designed to help you keep fit and stay healthy. You can look out for this workout equipment and many other services that will help you to follow these cardio workout apps instructions from

This will enable you to enjoy these cardio workouts, be it slow-paced or of high-intensity. Below is our list of the top 5 best Android cardio workout apps:

1 – Burn Fat Workouts-HIIT Training Program

Burn Fat Workouts is one of the top-ranked HIIT training applications you can find on your play store. The application offers an exciting UI, which is graphical as well as relatively fictional. Even more, it has over 60 different fat burn exercises that have different levels of complexity. All these exercises come detailed in audio, video, and text instructions, making it user-friendly. It also offers a complete three months of slimming training for those who desire to lose weight. There are other exciting features this app comes with that are very useful for good cardio workout results.

2 – Daily Cardio Workout

Daily Cardio Workout app offers you two variants, free and paid options. A paid option is quite complicated when compared to the free variant as it removes ads, provides more workouts, and comes with a landscape mode. The free variant offers you two different 5-10 minutes cardio workout videos that shows you in detail how to go through with each exercise. Furthermore, you do not need to connect with the internet in order to use this app, and it also comes with on-screen instructions as well as timers that make your routine workout quite interesting.

3 – Cardio Workout: Home Cardio Trainer, Training App 

The Cardio Workout apps seek to help you to get into shape as it comes with a 30-day cardio training plan. It comes with a fascinating app design that excites while using it. More so, all the listed exercises this app comes with can be performed in the comfort of your home. This will enable you to work out best at your own pace, timing, and strength. The developer also guarantees that you will definitely lose some weight and also feel better and stronger after you finish the program. However, he emphasized the need to keep your eating habits in check. 

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4 – Daily Cardio Fitness Workouts 

The Daily Cardio Fitness Workout application is designed to help you lose weight, improve your health, and tone your muscles. More so, it offers a low impact variant of each cardio exercise for beginners as well as suits both men and women. If you desire a maximized result, you can unlock a 6-week advanced training program. However, it causes you more. Nonetheless, it is very efficient.

5 – HIIT And Cardio Workout By Fitify 

The Fitify application is another top-ranked application that comes with one of the best designs you can come across. It also provides you with free workouts that will help to boost your heart rate and as well as burn fat. The app comprises light cardio and high-intensity training, while the developer laid emphasis that low impact cardio is basically joint-friendly if you are having problems with your joints. More so, the app comes with over 90 bodyweight exercises, a voice coach, four unique workout programs, clear HD video demonstrations, and so many other exciting features.

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