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Catfish Cooley Net Worth: Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Kids, Bio-Wiki

Catfish Cooley Net Worth: Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Kids, Bio-Wiki

Catfish Cooley
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The real name of Catfish Cooley is Dаvіd Сооlеу. In this article, we will be discussing Catfish Cooley’s net worth 2023, his career, personal life, and all other important stuff we know about him. 

Along with being a YouTuber or YouTube sensation, he’s also a comedian from the United States. David Ohley was recognized for working with Ginger Billy on the Nitro Comédу Tour’ in 2018. He has produced several funny videos, and he is also known for his amazing wit.

Catfish Cooley’s Еаrlу Lіfе & Віоgrарhу

May 2, 1990, was the date on which he was born. His father was Charles Cooley, while his mother’s name is unknown. Charles Cooley worked for a construction company as a supervisor. Later, his father married Lawanda. His charismatic true self is from Louisiana in the United States. His tragic and scenic comedies make him a unique comedian, as he is from the Southern US and comes from a poor family background

He performs extravagantly in his videos because of his distinctive speech.

In Louisiana, Cooley attended Pitkin’s high school. The exact details of Cooley’s education are unknown. During his school years, he developed his talent for satire. David Allen Cooley’s wife is Monica West Cooley. Tyler and Zooey are their beautiful children. David had them with his second wife. His first wife had two children as well. We don’t know anything about her. 

Milestones in the Career of Catfish Cooley

A YouTube video in 2017 marked the beginning of his career. He posts annotations about daily issues on his channel. His YouTube channel featured a video with a strong message about quitting smoking. Millions of people viewed this amazing video around the world. Among all the videos by him, his video titled “Whiskey Wednesday” won the battle of YouTube videos. In addition, he was a member of the Nitro Comedy Tour with Ginger Billy for Bang Productions.

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What You Didn’t Know About Catfish

Are you not curious why David Allen Cooley called himself Catfish Cooley? He was familiar with the catfish sound from his fishing hobby, so he produced catfish sounds while working out in the gym with his friends. He was then nicknamed “catfish” by his friends as a result of this fun.

Catfish Cooley’s Net Worth 2023

As a popular attention seeker on social media, Catfish Cooley makes most of his income from YouTube and Instagram. It’s estimated that 22 million people have watched his videos on YouTube. He earns $1,600 a month from his channel, which has 250K subscribers. Instagram also provides him with $1,400 a month. In total, he earns $1 million a year.

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