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How To Choose The Right Headphones

How To Choose The Right Headphones

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Should you buy headphones for the kids, workouts or for gaming – there are headphones for every need. But there are some things to keep in mind before buying headphones.

Here the expert gives his best tips on how to choose the right lures by area of use.

Soon Christmas is here and it’s time to fill the Christmas gift bags with presents. Headphones are a hot gift that suits everyone. But it is good to think a little before you run to the store.

The very first thing you should keep in mind when buying headphones is what need they should fill. There are many different types and different uses require different features. Think about whether the headphones should be used for training, on the bus, in the office, or for gaming. This is a good thing to do before you start looking. For some, the sound is most important, for others, noise reduction or size is what matters.

When it comes to the look of headphones, they are usually divided into three categories: “in ear”, “on ear” and “around ear”.

 “In ear” – better known as earplugs – is the type of headphones most of us use, and that often comes with when you buy a new phone.

 “On ear” is located on the outer ear. They usually have pads that do not cover the entire ear and are smaller than “around the ear”, which have a larger surface area and cover the entire ear.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before buying new headphones read more

To The Children

Here it is important that you choose headphones specially designed for children. Some headphones have sensitive bristles and therefore all child-adapted headphones have a recommended decibel limit of 85 db that everyone adheres to. Headphones for children are also smaller, are lighter and have soft cushions so that they fit well on the child’s head.

To The Training Enthusiast

Nothing is more frustrating are plugs that constantly fall out of your ears while you exercise, so here the fit is essential.

Headphones for training should fit well, have a good sound, and withstand sweat. If you choose wireless, it gives you greater freedom of movement, but do not forget to check that the headphones have good battery capacity as well.

In recent years, more and more “on ear” headphones have come on the market. If you buy “on ear”, it is important to choose a pair that is not too heavy, that fits well and that does not squeeze and get too hot on the ear.

Keep in mind that the headphones must withstand a lot of movement. Large ear pads get too hot to train with.

For Those Who Work In An Open Office Landscape

Most people who want headphones to use at work, want to shut out noise while they can listen to music in good quality. So here it is a “noise canceling” function that applies.

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Many noise-canceling headphones allow you to adjust what kind of sound you want to remove – either a little sound so you can continue to hear people around you or all the sound. It can be an advantage to choose a model that can be connected to the phone so that you can answer calls without changing headsets.

Noise-reducing headphones come in different shapes and with and without cord. This is about choosing according to taste and use, but remember to check the battery capacity if you invest in a wireless variant.

For The Trip

If you are traveling, full-coverage headphones are an advantage. It can be practical if they are foldable, so that it is easier to pack in your hand luggage. In addition, noise reduction is a clear advantage when traveling – especially on flights.

A good tip is to choose models that also have a cord/cable. Then you can easily charge it if you run out of power and you can connect your own headphones to the entertainment system on the flight.

To The Gamer

Sound is just as important as graphics if you want to have the ultimate gaming experience. Expert in computer sound says that most headsets today have quite a good sound, but that there are some other functions and specifications you should review before choosing a model.

“In-ear” headphones mainly have stereo sound, but if you prefer this type of headphone, you can also find variants with good sound quality. You should also consider whether active sound insulation is desirable.

For the gamer who plays games where you often talk to others, the microphone is also important. Look for specifications such as noise reduction, echo reduction, and AGC functionality. There are also headsets with a detachable microphone, so you do not have to walk around and look like a pilot when you walk away from the screen.

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