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How To Decorate Your Home Office

How To Decorate Your Home Office

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For some people having a dedicated space for work at home is simply a necessity. For others, it’s a luxury they dream of – but the truth is that currently more people than ever are working from home. It’s not a surprise then that creating a comfortable home office is something many of us are considering right now. But it’s not as easy as simply placing a desk in a quiet corner of your house – your surroundings can impact your productivity. That’s why creating the right atmosphere is really important.

Avoid Chaos

Mess and clutter are some of the most distracting things when you’re trying to focus on the task at hand. Luckily, you don’t have to spend long hours cleaning your office. After all, it’s a lot easier to prevent the mess from happening in the first place than to clean it later. It may sound complicated, but in reality, you can achieve it in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Get Rid Of All The Unnecessary Clutter Around You

You don’t want your documents and things you need for work to disappear under the layer of papers and trinkets. You should always keep your workspace clean and tidy, and the fewer things you put there, the better.

Step 2: Keep Your Things Organised

There is a huge number of organizational tools and boxes available. All you need to do is find your own system. Just remember that it should be easy to follow and intuitive – if staying organized ends up being too complicated, you’ll simply abandon the effort after a while.

Step 3: Go Digital!

If the type of your work allows it, there’s no need to print out every single document you write or receive – keep your files on your computer, you’ll be able to access them easily, and you’ll save some money on printing as an added bonus.

Step 4: Control The Cords

Along with office appliances come their cords that rather sooner than later all end up getting tangled. Not only is it unpractical, but it looks messy as well. However, you can solve this issue with a single gadget that will help you keep the cords separated and hidden from view.

Create A Creative Atmosphere

How effective your work depends heavily on your productivity and mood. And, in turn, your mood can be impacted by your surroundings. That’s why decorating your home office is so important. Working in dark and gloomy spaces is unpleasant, so try to add various lighting options, and if possible – let as much sunlight in as possible. When it comes to adding colours, you don’t have to stick with bland and boring shades, but try to avoid very vivid colours like red or purple as well – it may be difficult to keep your focus while being surrounded by such energetic colours. 

But there are also less obvious things that can be helpful – over the years many studies have shown that an aquarium can have a very positive impact on your mood. It can calm you down and help you deal with stressful situations – plus, it makes for a very attractive decoration. If you have enough space to accommodate such an addition, it may be a good and beneficial choice. Just remember that the amount of space you need doesn’t depend solely on the size of the fish tank itself, but also on the equipment, for example, if you buy external filters, you’ll need more space.

And finally, one more thing that’s worth mentioning – it can be really difficult to be creative while being uncomfortable. Therefore the issue of comfort should be at the very top of your list when designing your new office space. Make sure that the decor is not only attractive but also practical. Among the most important things is finding a desk and a chair that are suitable for your height and help you keep the right sitting position. Once you take care of all the steps mentioned above, there will be only one thing left for you to do – start enjoying your new home office.

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