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Top 6 Well-Paying Degree Programs in Singapore

Top 6 Well-Paying Degree Programs in Singapore

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When we were young, we would talk all day long about how we wanted to join a certain profession. Most kids adored being pilots and doctors. Even though some kids never deviated from their day one dream job, a good number of people switch to other career paths as they grow older.

The best career for you depends on a couple of things. For starters, you must have a special interest in that line of work, For example, if you are good at math, then finance is a great industry that suits your skill. Thirdly, your personality needs to blend with your dream career. If you are good with words, you are definitely going to succeed as a journalist or public relations officer.

And finally, you need to find a well-paying career. If you have ever looked at the job market here in Singapore, then you can testify that there are more job seekers than positions being advertised. Because of that, most jobs nowadays don’t pay very well. The first step towards venturing into a certain career is enrolling for a degree program. Most institutions in Singapore offer a wide range of bachelor’s programs. It is up to you to find the ones that not only meet your interest but are well-paying and you won’t have to face a lot of competition when job hunting.

1 – Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum is one of the most expensive commodities. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise when individuals handling it are the most paid employees in the job market. A bachelor degree in petroleum engineering, which takes 4 years, exposes you to many opportunities. There is little competition for jobs in this field and there are various positions you can specialize in.

2 – Applied Economics

A couple of years ago, a degree in this field entailed the study of Economics abroad. However, because of the shift in the finance industry, academic gurus introduced applied economics which equips learners with both financial and managerial skills. It may sound like a complex degree program but the rewards are very lucrative.

3 – Public Accounting

Being a certified public accountant introduces you to a world of opportunities both in the corporate and public domain. Every organization, especially the big ones, hires plenty of public accountants every year to manage their finances. Taking a public accounting bachelor’s and complementing it with a course in tax law guarantees a well-paying job.

4 – Pharmacy

Having a degree in pharmacy introduces you to a flexible work environment. For starters, it is a mandatory requirement that is needed when opening a pharmacy. That aside, you can also seek employment in a pharmaceutical company. Did you know that the average pharmacist in Singapore earns at least $133,000 a year?

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5 – Aeronautics and Astronautics

Growing up, if you have always been impressed with aerospace, then these are lucrative degree programs worth enrolling in. It may not be as vast as other programs but this field is not heavily explored. It’s also an opportunity to work alongside skilled and successful individuals in the space industry.

6 – Information and Computer Science

There is no doubt that this is a top-choice degree program for many millennials because of its association with modern tech. With the integration of ICT in nearly all industries, Information and Computer Science undergraduates have plenty of opportunities to explore. You can either seek employment from a company or work as a freelancer.

Are you planning to join an institution of higher learning and you are wondering which programs are worth investing your mind, time and efforts in? These 6 are the top well-paying degree jobs in Singapore. Please note that the more rewards a degree program have, the more it requires commitment and willingness to learn.

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