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How Much Does It Cost to Put a Tracker on a Truck?

How Much Does It Cost to Put a Tracker on a Truck?

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GPS tracking systems give businesses of every size the technology they need to protect their fleet resources, respond to the needs of their operators, and compete at scale. GPS tracking systems take the drudgery out of data collection for drivers and help make sure deliveries get made on time. This gives them the added benefit of increasing customer satisfaction.

When you are considering a GPS tracking system for your trucks, it is important to weigh the cost against value. That being said, the cost of putting a tracker on a truck can range from $0 to $750 upfront and $18 to $75 a month after it is installed. In this article, we will consider how the cost of putting a tracker on a truck relates to its value for your company.

The Cost of GPS Tracking Isn’t All About the Device

Stand-alone GPS tracking systems, comparable to the parents of the system buy to keep track of teenage drivers, cost an average of about $70 in the United States, although unit prices can range from $10 to $200 and more.

A basic GPS tracking system that puts a red dot on a map on your phone to track the whereabouts of your vehicle may be enough if you have a very small company with one trusted employee. But inexpensive stand-alone systems seldom deliver the results even the smallest businesses need.

Not every GPS tracking device is compatible with every vehicle. Some units are prone to failure, don’t hold a charge, or are easily located and removed. Some less expensive units don’t even report their location accurately.

Higher-end GPS tracking units usually get the location right. They last longer and don’t need to be replaced as often as less expensive models. But off-the-shelf GPS tracking units don’t have the ability to keep a log of driver hours, monitor fuel consumption and maintenance needs, or give you the information you need to reward operators for safe driving. Getting the devices you need will always mean that you will pay more for setup, installation, activation, hardware, software, and support. To get the best deal, you will usually need to sign a contract with your GPS provider.

Setup, Installation, and Activation

Your GPS technology provider may or may not charge an upfront fee for the setup, installation, and activation of your fleet tracking devices. One-time fees typically range from $0 to $100 per device. 

It is important to clarify whether there are any additional charges for setting up your tracking system, especially if you are installing GPS tracking on a fleet. Undisclosed setup, installation, and activation fees can quickly cause budget overruns.

Look for dealers that don’t charge upfront fees for setup, installation, and activation.


The cost of the GPS tracking unit is always an upfront cost. Most GPS tracking units suitable for commercial fleets cost between $100 and $250. Shipping may or may not be included. You may also be required to pay return shipping if you reduce the number of vehicles in your fleet and need to return some of your GPS tracking units.

There are companies that do not charge for shipping. In some cases, they may not charge for hardware if you get your GPS service and support under a contract for a year or more.

Software Subscriptions

GPS tracking produces a great deal of data. There are GPS tracking units that report tire pressure, engine performance, and drive train issues. Many GPS tracking systems report driver safety issues such as overly aggressive driving, speeding, hitting the brakes, sudden acceleration, and taking wide curves. GPS tracking units provide data that can be used to automatically complete drive time logs and customer invoices.

Data becomes actionable information with GPS tracking software. The best GPS tracking software is written to be compatible with the specific brand of tracking device you buy. GPS Technologies can make sure that your GPS tracking software is compatible with the desktop, iPhone, or Android apps you use to access the information it generates. Priced as a package deal, GPS tracking software costs from $18 to $80 per vehicle per month.

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Advanced Features

A stand-alone GPS tracking unit shows the location of one vehicle on a map. A GPS fleet tracking system shows the locations of all of your vehicles on the same map. With fleet-wide tracking abilities, you can redirect deliveries around traffic bottlenecks and offer your operators rapid assistance when there are breakdowns or accidents.

Your GPS tracking system can also monitor vehicle health. It will report fuel consumption, battery status, and remind you of scheduled maintenance. It will notify you of manufacturer recalls.

Your GPS tracking system can also notify your dispatchers when drivers take a sharp corner, spend a lot of time over the speed limit, hit the brakes harshly, or accelerate without going through all the gears.

The money you save on fuel costs, tire replacement, and unplanned maintenance and repairs should be more than the monthly cost of your GPS tracking system. Don’t overlook the value of the administrative time you save by automating driver time and mileage logs, or the reduced risk of accidents and injuries. This kind of information can help you make decisions about scaling up your company for economies of scale and increased revenues.


Once you automate your record-keeping with modern GPS tracking systems, you will never want to go back to manual entries again. That is the reason you need a vendor who offers great product support to minimize downtime when various issues interfere with GPS data collection.


Contracts lock in prices no matter how much inflation raises them for new customers. Look for a company that offers you a contract that covers your expanding fleet as GPS tracking allows you to take on more customers and more deliveries. GPS Technologies can help your company find exactly the right devices to increase fleet security and boost your bottom line. Call us at (847) 382-5107 or request a quote online.

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