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20+ Top Social Bookmarking Sites List For 2019 (High Pr & Do-follow)

20+ Top Social Bookmarking Sites List For 2019 (High Pr & Do-follow)

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Before listing down the top social bookmarking Site list for 2019, I think I should clarify what social bookmarking is and how it can help to increase your social PR. 

Well, social bookmarking is one of the ways to store and organize bookmarks of different web pages. It means if you like any web page, or frequently visited web pages can be added into the list of social bookmarks. These bookmarks are usually public and other people can also see and open these links. Social bookmarking is time-saving as well as it is quite helpful in website promotions. 

Also social bookmarking is considered one of the strongest off-page SEO techniques. It helps to generate strong backlinks that improve the position of your website or blog post on different search engines. Bookmarking is the fastest in generating high-quality traffic and backlinks. 

Social Bookmarking And Website Promotion

Social bookmarking is one easy and simple way of website promotions. It can be helpful in website promotions in the following ways. 

  • As I have mentioned above that bookmarks can be opened by different people, it means social bookmarking is one of the ways of generating more traffic to the website. 
  • Also, search engines show the links of the bookmarked website in the search results. Which increases the chances of getting more visitors on that particular website. 
  • Adding social bookmark connects to your blog or site makes it simple for reads to spare and share your substance, and hence for others to discover it.
  • Social bookmarking is the best system to file site or blog infamous and most used search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other huge web indexes. This strategy would be profoundly valuable for marking, advancement, and organization of blog entries or sites.
  • As social bookmarking will increase the traffic on your website, it means it will decrease the bounce rate automatically. 

See social bookmarking can be quite helpful for you in increasing social PR and for website promotion. Now below I am going to list down 20 best and most used social bookmarking site lists for the year 2019. Let’s have a look at the list. 

20+ Top Social Bookmarking Sites List For 2019-2020


Well above, I have selected the world’s best top social bookmarking websites that can help in your Social PR. These websites are trusted by millions of people across the world and are easy to use. You can use any of the above websites to bookmark your website links or webpage and improve the traffic on your blog/site. 

That’s all from my side. In case you want o to add some extra information to the above article feel free to comment.

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