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The Four Levels of Social Entrapment

The Four Levels of Social Entrapment

The Four Levels of Social Entrapment
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Have you ever encountered the conversation, that is meaningless and you just want to stop that conversation right away? I guess everyone of use must have gone through these situations in which the person standing next to us is completely meaningless and wasting our time for no reason. 

But our ethics, don’t let us to avoid that person, or to end the conversation rudely because that’s not fair. And it can lead the next person towards social anxiety. In short, I can say that we are playing a game that no one wants to play, win or lose. We are just pretending to play because we have too. This extremely awkward situation has 4 levels called as 4 levels of Social Entrapment. 

Let’s have a look at them. 

Level 1 – A Brief Encounter With So-Called Friends 

Well, this level is a special kind of awkwardness when two-person, that barely knows each other starts talking. They have to talk because cutting off the conversation, or avoiding each other is just not an option. You barely know a few things about each other like only name and job. And after discussing that there is an awkward silence between them. I hate that situation which has neither no start nor any end. 

Level 2 – Forced Proximity

The level 2 of social entrapment is even more awkward. This is the situation in which you and your coworkers are under the same roof. You are using the same lift in the morning, even in the evening. And have the same pee and lunch timings. You see each other every day in the parking but still, you don’t have any desire of talking to each other. But because you have got manners you can’t avoid that persona and in the end, you two are having an awkward conversation. 

Person 1: Hey. How are you? 

Person 2. Umm fine …you? 

Person 1. Fine too. 

*awkward silence* 

Level 3 – The Trap

Level 3 of social entrapment is the situation when you are planning to have some alone time. And suddenly someone jumps into privacy, exploiting your mood and moving away. The perfect example of this situation is, you are sitting in the library with a cup of coffee and all you need is some quality time with books. And what happens all of sudden your old unwanted friend enters and library and start talking to you. And you can do anything. 

Level 4 – Social Terrorism

The last level of social entrapment is social terrorism. As the name suggests, it a social situation when someone decided to visit you without an invitation. 

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Person: Hey I just saw you from a window sitting alone, let’s just have a cup of coffee? No? 

You: umm *awkward silence* okay. 

Because that’s all you can do right now. Of course, you can’t throw that person out of your window. 

I guess. The 4 levels of social entrapment are clear to you all now. 

That’s all from my side.

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