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Great Instagram Comment Ideas to Increase Engagement

Great Instagram Comment Ideas to Increase Engagement

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Do you want to leave a unique and attention-grabbing comment on the posts? But always find your brain empty of ideas.

If yes, then reading this article can prove helpful as we will discuss some incredibly unique ideas that can help you come up with something fresh.

As we all know, in order to get more followers on Instagram, you need to be coming out with the best new content all the time — and this also includes commenting on other user-profiles and content as well.

With all of this in mind, that is exactly what we are going to be talking about in this article today. Read on to learn more about how to increase your knowledge and engagement on Instagram through the use of creative comments.

Why Are Comments So Necessary?

When it comes to social media platforms, be it Instagram, Facebook or any other comments hold great significance. Whether you are commenting on other posts and others on your post, comments lend a helping hand in enhancing your reach, engagement, and ultimately your followers. So, here we will discuss some of the benefits of comments.

Indication Of Active Followers

If you get more comments, it shows that you have a lot of active followers that like your content or products. So, always try to post such content that can compel your followers to leave a comment because it will assist you in many ways.

Proof Of Popularity And Authenticity

Comments are also proof that you are an authentic and famous brand. If your blog intends to promote a business. People will prefer to buy from you.

Can Increase Visibility 

Another benefit of having plenty of comments is the enhancement in reach. Instagram tends to show posts with massive comments in the feed. 

Tips to Make Impeccable Comments

Comments showcase your personality, so always come up with the best possible comment. You can master your commenting skill by experience and by learning from others’ experiences.

So, here are some more additional tips that you should consider to write an eye-catching comment. The more these are used, the better user engagement you will see.

Be Relevant

Your comment should always be relevant and in accordance with the post being shared. For example, if a person has shared their photo, it’s better to praise them or give good remarks. Never add useless and irrelevant things because they may land you in a lot of troubles and complications.

Add A Bit Of Humor

You can show the witty side of your personality in the comments section. It can uplift the mood of the person who has posted. Furthermore, it will leave a good impact on all the people who will read. In addition, it may play a crucial role in making the mood pleasant. But make sure that your comment is funny. Avoid cracking cringe comments, and they must not target and defame anyone. 

Avoid Repeating the same comment.

Some people used the same comment on each post. But it is recommended to be creative and always come up with something different and unique. 

Take Ideas From Others

If you are new on Instagram, then due to lack of experience, you may find it difficult to comment according to the situation. So, it is better to take inspiration from others and try to learn from them.

Improve Your Vocabulary

The more words you know, the better you can write. Having an extensive vocabulary can assist you in many ways; hence you should learn new words. 

If you aren’t the best with writing or don’t have a proper-English background, using a tool like Grammarly can definitely help in this process.

Things To Consider While Commenting

Words have the healing power if chosen carefully. But passing hateful comments may result in mental stress and depression. Therefore, whenever you comment, remember everyone has a lot of tension already, so try to minimize theirs by your words. Therefore here are some things you must have to consider while commenting.

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Avoid Body Shaming

Learn to respect people regardless of their skin color, body shape, height, and weight. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Hence, your remarks can hurt someone so badly, and their lives can be significantly disturbed. Suppose that if someone says some degrading words to you, how will you feel? Obviously bad. So, keep in mind that others will feel the same way you feel. Therefore if you want others to respect you, then first respect others. 

Don’t Underestimate Anyone

Whenever people achieve something big, then they usually post their success on their Social media handles. But there are some in our friends or following list who never appreciate others. Instead, they will underestimate and tell you that this is not something extraordinary everyone can achieve. But we think it is better not to like such a person rather be someone who knows how to appreciate and praise others.

Be Happy With Their Happiness

A lot of people get jealous of others’ happiness and blessings. Such people don’t want to see others happy. Sadly, such an attitude makes them unhappy and distressed. So, your comments must show that you are pleased with others’ happiness.

Never Judge Others

Tolerance and patience have decreased to a great extent. People don’t see the other side of the story, and they make their opinions just after listening to the one-sided story. But if you want to make your comments better, always do a little research, come up with the correct facts, and say something authentic, informational, and valuable.

Avoid Making Fun Of Anyone’s Beliefs, Religion, Or Emotions

Another type of comment that we usually come across is targeting others’ beliefs, religions, or emotions. Learn to accept others the way they are. If you have some problem with them, unfollow them. Some people think they are correcting others or giving them advice, but keep in mind that advice given in public can make things worse rather than reform. So be careful.

Never Abuse Others

Using social media is a big responsibility, but unfortunately, a large group of people does not know how to use social media platforms. That’s why we see abundant abusive and hateful comments. But it is not suitable at all. Even if you disagree with someone’s opinion, don’t utter anything offensive; accept the difference of opinion.

How to Increase IG Engagement with Better Comments

To wrap up the discussion, I would like to say comments are imperative if you want to grow your Instagram following and maybe even become famous in the process. But most of the time, every social media user has to struggle hard in choosing some attractive words.

If you learned some new tips and techniques, they can help, but you need to make sure you implement them immediately. Additionally, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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