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The Best Tire & Shock Guide for Your Trucks

The Best Tire & Shock Guide for Your Trucks

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Whether you take your truck off-roading or mostly use it for street traveling, your shocks and tires can affect the performance considerably. Factory-installed components have a limited service life, and when it’s time to replace them, you can upgrade your replacements with more durable products. High-quality aftermarket shocks and tires can improve your truck’s handling and prevent damage to other suspension components. Here are some buying tips for modifying your vehicle with new shocks and tires.

Shock Absorbers

Replacing your worn-out shocks with premium-grade components can improve your truck’s performance on the street and the trails. When selecting new shocks, be sure to check whether the kit is designed for lifted trucks or ones with factory settings.

Bilstein 2 5100 Series Struts

With a well-known history of German engineering, the Bilstein company manufactures top-of-line components that exceed the performance of factory-installed shocks. Their 5100 Series features zinc-plated shocks that produce more preload for the truck’s stock springs. The ring grooves on the shock allow you to raise the truck’s front end by 2.75 inches to accommodate a larger tire.

Bilstein 4 5100 Series Shocks for Most Lifted Trucks

When your truck is lifted above the manufacturer’s ride height, you need shocks that can meet the demands of the extension. Bilstein’s gas-charged shocks come with black boots specific to your vehicle, and the patented digressive valving provides a smooth ride for all road conditions.

Lift Kits

You may be wondering whether to purchase a leveling kit or a lift kit. If your truck is relatively new and the shocks are in good condition, a leveling kit is an affordable and practical option. However, if you use your vehicle off-road, you should consider buying a lift kit with upgraded shocks to protect your truck in the rough.

Rough Country 3” Toyota Suspension Lift Kit

Rough Country’s premium lift kit includes N3 shock absorbers that maintain your factory ride quality regardless of the road conditions. The kit adds three inches of lift and allows you to add 31” tires.

ReadyLift 4 Inch SST Lift Kit

When you need a kit that lifts your vehicle without replacing the shocks, you can try the ReadyLift 4 Inch SST. It’s designed for trucks with stamped steel or aluminum alloy front suspension. It includes front strut extensions, rear lift blacks, a skid plate, and rear shock extensions.


Replacing your wheels and tires with premium upgrades can improve your off-road performance, but be sure to check the tire sizes carefully to ensure they function without rubbing the fender.

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Mickey Thompson 35×12.50R22LT Tire Baja Boss

Mickey Thompson’s Baja Boss tire is the ultimate tool for handling mudding trails without losing traction. It features a new asymmetrical tire pattern that provides superior control and reduces noise on rough trails, and the reinforced sidewalls offer increased puncture resistance.

Yokohama 35×12.50R17 Tire

When you need an all-terrain tire that handles the trails and highways, you can try Yokohama’s 35” tire. It’s constructed with multiple sidewall plies to withstand rocky terrain and resist punctures. It’s backed by a 45,000-mile treadwear warranty.

Upgrading your shocks and tires can make your driving experience more enjoyable whether you’re on the road or on trails. Head over to a highly rated aftermarket parts dealer for the lowest prices on new tires and shocks.

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