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Hidden Secrets for Safe Shipping of Delicate Materials

Hidden Secrets for Safe Shipping of Delicate Materials

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Fragile products include anything that is easily breakable.  It ranges from glassware to antiques and much more. These items can be made of any material, like crystal or ceramic, requiring extra attention before shipping. Shipping such items can be hectic and challenging. You must pay extra care because you may have to bear the loss in case of any breakage. But preparing fragile materials from other products for transportation can be very challenging, involving, and tiresome. However, there are things you can do to see the safe delivery of delicate items. Here are secret ideas that can help protect fragile items for shipping from breaking.

Properly Label Your Delicate Items

An accident is inevitable, although it’s good to prepare for anything. Giving a visible label written on your box as a label won’t prevent your shipment from getting dropped or damaged on its way. However, it’s essential to include it as a label when you’re shipping your box; you will have more recourse with your shipping company when an item arrives crushed. Many clients always have stress when they know that they are shipping fragile items. To take the stress out of the process, consider printing the word “Fragile” and directly fix a label on their boxes. So, when you choose to use SCF shipping containers to ship your fragile items, be ready to pack and label them appropriately. Doing this can make shipping such items much more comfortable and less stressful.¬†¬†

Ensure All Fragile Products Before Shipping

Fragile items should be wrapped individually and stuffed. Heavier materials should go on the bottom while lighter once on top. Each corner of the box must be well braced. The packing materials and the shipping contents must fill up the entire space. Ensure you compensate for any space with the packing materials. As much as you wrap your items, you will never control every aspect during the shipping journey. This means that issues are arising every time. Therefore if you are shipping valuable items, consider insuring them to reduce the risk and avoid being put in an unfortunate situation if something terrible does happen during the shipping. This, therefore, requires that you choose proper insurance coverage to ship your package.

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Responsible Packaging And Labeling 

When shipping delicate materials, you may use an extra-large box that leaves plenty of space around the item. This is probably not a good idea because it may backfire in many ways. If you want to ship fragile materials confidently, you must observe the ultimate protection level to withstand the journey. You must adequately wrap the product in some protective packaging before putting them in the SCF shipping containers. There are varied options for wrapping up items before placing them in the box for shipping. Choose between bubble wrap, foam sheets, cushioning, or pillows. These materials offer unique benefits and advantages to your packaging. Make sure you find the one that suitably protects your specific product to avoid any problem that might occur. The above tips will always help you with safe shipping if well considered.

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