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Best Ways to Improve Your Web Application Security

Best Ways to Improve Your Web Application Security

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Web applications play a vital role especially in these days of pandemic COVID 19. People find it more reliable to engage with these applications of any brand or organization to obtain their product or services. 

As customers become the major or the potential resource for any B2C business, they need to maintain a particularly good and secured application to help their customers reach out to them at any point in time. This indeed builds a good relationship between the business and its customers. 

This phase has turned out to be the most challenging one for most businesses, yet it has also become a vital part for businesses to prove and sustain themselves in the market. Out of various other abilities of the business, web application security plays the most important role as it must deal with the customer credentials and database. 

Today’s post would highly concentrate on the most vital area of your business’s web application. Yes, let us consider looking at the best ways to improve your web application security in these crucial days of the pandemic to provide a hassle-free service to your customers. 

Let us get started!!!

Prefer Secured Authentication

Consider that your web application is the safest deposit box, if your application is so, then the authentication process would prefer to be the lock and key system. One should have the key to open the deposit box else, the box is not allowed to open, or it may not. 

This process of authentication should be carried in a safest manner. Hence, it is required to educate users to build strong passwords that cannot be broken. You can also make use of digital tokens, two-way authentication, and other best practices to ensure security of authentication. Out of all these it is very much important to make sure that the authentication policy of LDAP, ADS and other directories are strong throughout the process. 

Avoid Using SMS To Push Data

The SMS services were largely used to push data from servers to apps. But in recent times, many companies have switched from SMS to GCM. Google Cloud Messaging. The SMS protocol is not a better choice, nor a safest form to transmit data as the information are not encrypted in this protocol. 

The Google Cloud Messaging system/ communications are authenticated using registration tokens and are authenticated using a special API key on the server side. 

The other forms of web application security include validation of user input, refusing user’s personal data unless required and performing security measures before publishing the app. 

Using SSL Certificate

When you talk about security you cannot neglect SSL certificates. The SSL certificate is provided to ensure HyperText Transfer Protocol Security of a domain or website. This confirms or authenticates the incoming and outgoing of users of the website. 

The primary thing about installing an SSL certificate is that the certificate helps to encrypt data, and protect vulnerable information such as credit or debit card details, user login information and personal details of users. 

The SSL certificate not just helps you with your website security but also promotes your websites on the Google search results. There are a wide range of SSL certificates and various service providers who offer SSL certificates; you could choose the SSL certificate from some of the leading SSL providers like Comodo SSL, Geo Trust, ClickSSL, and GoDaddy. 

They can offer you the best and cheap SSL certificate that can protect your web application from hazardous or threatening attacks on the web. 

Do Not Overlook Injection Flaws

The SQL injection is one of the common techniques probably known and still underestimated flaws in the internet world. It tricks the input validation process and discloses data to the hacker when he executes a command at the other end. 

To prevent your web applications from such attacks, you can follow these steps

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  • Secure inputs of your customer
  • Run application with limited privileges
  • Use a parameterized application 
  • Checklist only permitted characters

To ensure and prevent any security breaches or SQL injections, it is necessary to run frequent security tests and make it a potential part of your post-potential deployment. This can reduce the number of risks and minimizes the gateway to threats in the altering components of the application. 

Run Your Application On Limited Privileges

As your application has already been through various testing processes and that it is clear from vulnerabilities, you cannot take it lightly. Every application owns a privilege that is common to both remote and local computers and it is very much easy to alter these privileges. 

Hence it is always recommended to use limited privilege settings for the app. Therefore, the application is meant to button down and to be allowed with the most trustable people to alter or make changes to the application system. This process should be considered as the ultimate assessment among the testing processes. 

Verifying Performance of The Application Database

Among the various other constrictions of the application development, if you consider the database to be one of it that hinders the performance of your application, you can try some measures to resolve it. The best way to fix this issue is by caching database queries. 

You can run an instant query logging analysis to know which consumes most of the time and which runs very frequently. Hence this could help you to catch responses to such queries and let them be available on the memory and to retrieve instantly. 

On the other hand, you can also execute a database index that may help you decrease the time that is consumed to locate data for any query. There are chances for you to enhance the session storage, this is very much important if your application is something that works on writing and reading data sessions. 

In Precise

Web security and Web Application Security are two most essential areas where businesses need to concentrate to sustain in the long run as well to hold their customers. Here we have compiled a list of security best measures to make your web application even secured for your customers. Make sure that you implement these steps to help your customers have a hassle-free service.

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