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Top 5 Online Interior Design Services

Top 5 Online Interior Design Services

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If you have recently bought a new house or office and are thinking of decorating it, you might also be considering getting an interior designer on board. Interior designers best understand how to utilize a little space creatively. A designer may take your inputs and make suggestions using the old decor pieces and transforming them, or entirely update the decor and furniture plan. 

There is a common misconception that designers may take too long to complete or charge hefty prices for their services. It turns out that myth has been broken! 2020 is here, and you can avail of interior designer services at a minimal cost. Want to know how? Please keep reading.

Online Interior Design Platforms And Services

If you want to avoid the fuss of finding an interior designer and buying furniture and household stuff all on our own, then you must get an online interior design platform. Yes, you have read it right. These online interior design platforms offer their services at a minimal price and get the job done very efficiently. You can decorate your house in just a few clicks by sitting at home. Here I have selected the top 3 best interior design services for the year 2020. Let’s have a look at them. 


The number one in the list of best online interior design platforms is Spacejoy. Spacejoy is an online interior design house that is used by hundreds of people across America. It is one of the best online design houses with a vast number of skillful interior designers that are always ready to help you out. This platform is not too costly and very easy to use. All you need to do is download the spacejoy app or visit their website. Sign up for different packages as per your requirement and preference. Once you have selected the package, you will be connected to one of the expert interior designers according to your demands and needs. These interior designers will guide you about different creative ideas to reuse the same space and furniture in many different ways. The Spacejoy’s interior designers will also tell you about some of the best online stores to buy furniture and other home decor pieces like vintage art pieces, painting, and much more. So what are you waiting for? If you are searching for an online interior design platform, no one can beat the class of spacejoy. The Spacejoy Review will show you proof of their fantastic work with all their user’s testimony. 


Havenly is next on the list; the reason being it is one of the most affordable and professional online interior design services. No matter if it is a living room, dining room, bedroom, or any other small space that you need to redecorate, their professional interior designers know how to do their job at best. The heavenly design team is quite cooperative and understanding. They understand the client’s perspective and requirements fully and then give ideas according to the client’s budget and needs. It would help if you filled the questionnaire that would be asking yours about all your requirements, opinions, expectations, and budget. The questionnaire would help the design team locate the best interior designer for you to meet all your requirements. Once you are connected with the designer, you can now share all the critical details like budget, photographs of your room or any other space, your expectations, and everything that needs to be shared. 


Roomlift is another online interior design platform that managed to be in the list of top three online design services of 2020. This online design house has a small team, as compared to the above two. But this small team includes some of the best expert designers. They know how to fulfill the expectations of clients and that too, in a significantly lesser amount of time. All team members are quite cooperative and professional. 

Roomlift needs you to answer a few questions at the start, like what are your expectations, and the budget. The measurements of the room you want to design and a few photographs of the space. All the questions are open-ended, allowing you to address your preferences, and the designers will listen to you and would love to meet your expectations. 


As compared to Havenly and Spacejoy, Modsy allows its customers to explore different household items themselves. You can search for the things that fit in your space and later on discuss it with your interior designer suggested by Modsy. But here, communication is not as convenient as other online design houses. 

First of all, you need to fill a fun style questionnaire, in which you are supposed to talk about your requirements and expectations. And then attach photos to give a clear picture of the space. The expert designers will then guide you with some creative ideas that too are in your budget. 

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is last in the list of best online interior design houses. This design house will help you in redecorating an old space with some new ideas. You can get connected with some of the country’s most qualified interior designers that are happy to serve you within a minimal cost. Unlike other online design houses, you don’t need to fill any questionnaire. Instead, there is an appointment with designers, and you directly talk about every important thing. 

These are the top five online interior design platforms that are must-try in the year 2020. 

Have you ever thought of renovating your house and that too in just a few clicks? All thanks to the online interior design platforms, your dreams can be brought to reality.

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