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Investing, Purchasing A New Condo In Singapore

Investing, Purchasing A New Condo In Singapore

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Singapore is one of the most developed and richest city-states in the world, well known for its excellent business conditions. Hence a large number of companies and people are moving to Singapore, resulting in an increase in demand for real estate. Hence many investors are interested in purchasing a condominium (abbreviated as a condo) which they can rent or sell later at a profit. There are a large number of property developers in Singapore, who are launching new condo projects in different areas. Hence investors would like to conveniently find condo Singapore new launch information, and choose the right condo. Some of the considerations while choosing the condo are discussed below.

Buyer Profile

While some of the condo buyers wish to purchase the condo for their own use, many of the condo investors are interested in selling the condo after a few years at a profit. There are also many foreigners and permanent residents in Singapore who are interested in investing in condos, since many wealthy people are relocating to Singapore, increasing real estate prices. While the investors would like to purchase the condo at the lowest price, individuals and families who wish to live in the condo will usually prefer to purchase a condo in a particular area. Often families prefer to purchase a condo close to the area where family members are working.


One of the major factors affecting the selection of a specific condo is the price and payment terms. Most of the condo buyers have already decided the price which they can pay for the condo or invest based on their income, future plans, and investment capacity. While larger condos located near the central business district (CBD) of Singapore are likely to cost more, condo buyers with a limited budget should check the availability of smaller condos in more remote areas. The condo buyers should be aware that the builders will offer the lowest price when the project is launched initially, and the prices will increase as the construction is completed gradually.


The profit which a real estate investor will make from the condo which he purchases will depend to a large extent on the area in which he wishes to invest. In some areas, due to the development of other facilities, other factors, real estate rates are likely to increase faster and the investor will make more profit. Hence the investor should spend some time researching the area in which he plans to invest. Families who plan to live in the condo will usually consider whether it is close to the workplace, the proximity of shopping malls, schools, colleges, and other facilities.

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Other Factors

Though the cost of larger condos will increase, investors should be aware that it is usually easier to find buyers for larger condos compared to smaller condos. It is advisable to hire the services of an experienced real estate consultant and solicitor to prevent any legal and other problems at a later date. The reputation of the builder should be checked, doing some research, to find out the quality of his construction and his track record of completing construction projects on time.

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