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Tamiko Bolton Life, Career, Marriage, Net Worth 2023

Tamiko Bolton Life, Career, Marriage, Net Worth 2023

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Being famous is not as easy as we all think. It requires a lot of hard work and talent who amaze the audience. If you want to become famous without doing anything, then do marry a popular person in the industry. And this is what Tamiko Bolton has done. Tamiko Bolton began to date one of the richest men in the world, George Soros. Even though she is also an entrepreneur and pharmacist, Bolton earned the most fame after the relationship with George. 

Early Life Of Tamiko Bolton

Tamiko was born on March 1st, 1971 in California USA. She is a qualified pharmacist and entrepreneur and education consultant. But she is more famous because of her marriage to George Soros. The famous man Soros broke the Bank of England, profiting by $1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis. Tamiko spends her childhood with her family in California. She got enrolled at the University of Utah where she got her first degree. After that, she got an MBBA degree from the University of Miami. 

Professional Career Of Tamiko

After completing her master’s degree, she got a job as a consultant in health care and education. On the other hand, she was a licensed pharmacist. She founded vitamin sales and dietary supplement companies. Also, she is a part of a yoga business. 

Marriage With A Successful and Richest George Soros

George Soros is a famous billionaire who was known as a business tycoon, author, and political activist. He also made a company Open Society Foundations, which is known as a humanitarian agency. He is director of the company Soros Fund Management. Tamiko and George met in 2008 at the same dinner, and later they started dating each other. In Southampton, New York they both got engaged in the George home. 

On 21st September 2013, they both get married in the Caramoor estate. At the time of their marriage, George was 83 years old and he is 42 years older than his wife. They invited many celebrities to the ceremony like Edi Rama, Ellen Johnson, Jim Young Kim, Hendrik Toomas, and more. 

Tamiko Bolton Net Worth 2023

Bolton’s net worth is not revealed on any social media account. However, if we think by our self, that she is an entrepreneur and pharmacist, we can assume that she earns around $140,000 per year.

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But in many articles and Google searches Tamiko Bolton shares the net worth of her husband, which is estimated to be $8.3 billion.

Final Words

Being a fan is not easy as we think, it definitely requires complete details about the lifestyle, background, childhood, marriage, and net worth as well. And as a writer, we can bring some necessary information for the readers. Here, you will find the best of Tamiko Bolton who is a pharmacist and entrepreneur as well as the wife of the richest George Soros. For more details and the lifestyle of the couple, you need to look for other articles and get some useful news for you.

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