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5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

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Did you know that windows have an expiration date just like every other product? Most of the windows manufactured today should last you around a decade, and then they become obsolete. Some get damaged, some will become outdated, as even in the window industry, you can observe rapid improvements in production technology. How to know it is time to replace your windows? Here are the top five signs you should consider purchasing new windows. 

Your Window No Longer Opens/Closes Correctly

No matter what type of windows you have in your house, from tilt and turn windows to sash windows, if they are impossible to open and close, they are causing more damage than benefits. With faulty windows you will face problems with ventilation, you will have either too much cold, fresh air or too little. When you can’t count on your windows to open and close properly, it is time to start looking for new ones. 

Your Energy Bills Increased Significantly

Another sign that your windows have become obsolete is the increased energy costs created in your house. This means that your windows help the hot air escape during the cold months and raise the amount of hot air during the peak of summer. To keep the temperature at the desired level, your air conditioning and heating must work a lot more than they would with correctly working windows. When you see your bills increasing rapidly, the solution might be simple: new windows. 

There Is More Noise Inside the House

Soundproofing, or lack thereof, is the next indicator that your windows might need a replacement. Your windows should provide you with a barrier blocking all the unwanted sounds coming from the street and the neighbourhood. Your house should have a peaceful atmosphere, so when your windows are not blocking the noise, install new, highly soundproof models. 

The Frames Are Damaged or Leaky

One of the first signs of damage you might observe when it comes to windows is problems with the frames. If it is slightly damaged or leaky during rain, it needs to be fixed immediately. You need to pay close attention to the state of your frames as they are holding your window in place. If they are severely damaged they can even become a danger. 

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Visible Cracks and Condensation

Lastly, the most obvious indicators out there that your windows need to be replaced are any visible cracks in the glass of your windows and visible condensation on the glass. If you see any condensation on the window it should tell you that there is damage between the panes of your window. Also, when there are cracks in the glass, even the smallest ones, your windows need to be replaced as fast as possible, as they are unstable and can fall out at any moment. 

Final Words

Replacing windows is something that every house will face sooner or later. The most important thing is to know when to act. The signs mentioned above should help you determine when the expiration date for your windows is near. Lookout for any signs of damage and problems with functionality and you will know exactly when to replace your windows.

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