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Is it Safe to Use CBD Oil for Dogs?

Is it Safe to Use CBD Oil for Dogs?

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With the cannabis industry going agog with the sale of CBD, it is no news to find pet owners shopping for cannabis alternatives for pets. And if you are in the market for CBD oil for dogs, you must research the best practices for using cannabis for canines. So without any further delays, you will find out below all there is to know about CBD oil and pet safety.

CBD Oil and Safety Concerns

One of the reasons many people and dog owners worry about CBD oil is its close ties with marijuana. But you should know that there is a difference between both compounds. Having an understanding of the difference between CBD and THC is an excellent way to get a clearer picture. 

For one, THC, which is the known culprit for causing a heightened psychoactivity with marijuana, is in limited amounts in CBD oil. And expert advice that you take note of the amount in your pet supplies. The link here, has more on how much THC is suitable for your CBD oil.

Digestive Problems

Pets can suffer from stomach issues with the use of cannabis supplies. This is especially when using it for the first time. And as a matter of fact, you want to avoid using more than necessary. Getting the dosage right is one of the surest ways to prevent complications with your dog treatment. It is essential to follow the labels or brand website instructions on how to administer the medication.

Weight, age, known medical conditions are some of the factors that affect cannabis use in both humans and animals, and checking with your vet is the surest way to avoid complications with your dog’s medications.

Skin Irritation

Plan to use CBD oil for treating skin irritations in your dog? One of the things you want to watch out for is an irritation on the area you apply the medication. With many products flooding the market regularly, it helps to look for the best topical solutions for pet skin care. And there are a few brands that would be right for your canine’s skin.


Too much cannabis, and you or your pet could suffer from drowsiness. Getting the dosage right is one way to avoid this side effect with your dog CBD. So for starters, it is best to use a little dose and up it as soon as your dog shows better resistance. You want to also keep an eye on them after administering any medication to not get out of hand.

Dry Mouth

It is also common to suffer dry mouth after using CBD oil. And this is due to the fact that the cannabinoid inhibits the production of saliva. Staying hydrated is an excellent way to reverse the effects, and you want to stick with water and avoid any sugary beverage after cannabis.

Is it Safe to Use CBD Oil for Dogs?

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When it comes to the matter of CBD oil safety for the dog, it all boils down to how much you use and the quality of supply. Also, you want to avoid using high doses of THC for your pet. It may be a good idea to shop from accredited pet suppliers with specialized products for canines. Want to avoid risk with using hemp products for dogs? You can find some of the best safety practices below.

Shop Quality

As mentioned earlier, buying from accredited pet suppliers remains the safest way to ensure that your dog gets the proper cannabis treatment. There are trusted brands with years of services to pet owners looking for suppliers for their furry companions. So you want to start by researching for the bests brands available. 

You can also use review sites to find out what others are saying about hemp oils for dogs for sale. And this can provide you a better insight into a better option for your pet.

Check Amount of THC

The THC concentration is one thing you should also be wary of. Anything higher than 0.03% can throw your pet off balance and should be noted for safety. Most of the best brands provide this information on the packaging, and you can also find out from the brand website.

Monitor Dosage

It would help if you made it a habit to follow a strict dosage with your dog medication. Pets are unable to communicate their physical and mental state of health, and as such, you should help them avoid any complications as much as you can. And you can do this by using a regimented dosage. This is usually provided based on a weight or age distribution level, so you want to note where your pet fits in.

Check With a Vet

It would also be safe to check with an expert when putting your pet on a particular medication. And if you hope to use CBD for dealing with significant canine challenges consulting with a vet is your best bet. They would be in a better position to advise on alternative treatment and how to avoid complications. 

Final Note

CBD oil has numerous health benefits for dogs. And could be especially helpful in coping with pain and anxiety. Getting quality supplies with low THC levels and following the proper dosage are safe practices to follow. You could also consider meeting with a health specialist if you are faced with a serious pet condition.

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