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Cleaning your Swimming Pool – Why It Is Necessary

Cleaning your Swimming Pool – Why It Is Necessary

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Keeping your pool clean will give you so many benefits – it ensures comfort, safety, and protection. Since swimming pools are exposed and are being used by various people, it undoubtedly requires proper maintenance. 

Rigorous cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool could protract its life span. Leaving the dirt, debris, and leaves in the pool could contaminate the water and that could affect one’s health.

That’s why it’s very necessary to know how to efficiently clean your swimming pool. Preserving your pool quality might be an exigent activity, so how can you do it without exerting too much physical effort? Are there advanced ways of cleaning a pool?

Various Swimming Pool Cleaners

  • Suction-side Pool Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner aimlessly travels across the pool’s floors and walls with the power of suction. It uses the pressure from the pool’s intake to suck the water in and moves around the swimming pool to eliminate dirt, leaves, bugs, and debris. These will be sucked into the filtration system of the pool where you can just detach the filter basket and remove the collected dirt.

Since collected medium to large-sized dirt particles and other debris will be sent right away into the pool skimmer, you will need to backwash it frequently in order to prevent pool pump damage. Suction cleaners work fairly in collecting the tiniest algae substances. Moreover, this type of cleaner can be less expensive to purchase than the other modern pool cleaners.

Yes, it decently cleans the swimming pool, but it’s not that efficient when it comes to achieving deep cleaning. Moreover, you’ll need to focus on monitoring this vacuum cleaner while it cleans the pool. If you’re not going to keep an eye on the suction cleaner while it’s working, it might become clogged and it might malfunction.

However, this pool cleaner is still acceptable and dependable and it works productively. It can gather both large and tiny-sized dirt from your pool. Plus, it is very durable and inexpensive.

  • Pressure-side Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Generally, pressure-side pool cleaners are connected to the pool pump’s pressure inlet. This type of pool cleaner sometimes requires an extra booster pump whenever the pool pump itself can’t give enough water pressure to make the cleaner operate. 

Pressure-side pool cleaners do use higher pressure and more powerful suction, so they can clean the swimming pool quicker than suction-side pool cleaners. They do not rely on the pool’s filtration system as they have their filter and filter bag. The dirt-collecting container present in a pressure-side pool cleaner is very reliable as it can carry a larger quantity of dirt and it can’t easily get clogged.

Pentair Racer LS Pressure-Side Inground Pool Cleaner is one of the most competent pressure-side pool vacuum cleaners obtainable in the market. Its superb vacuum performance can provide the utmost dirt and debris eradication. 

Racer LS pressure-side cleaner has a larger vacuum intake, which means it can collect not just the tiniest dirt and debris, but also large objects such as leaves. In various reviews, users have found its large intake to be advantageous. The quad-jet vacuum system present in this newfangled pressure-side cleaner can deliver 25% more cleaning strength than any other pool cleaners.

The minor downside of using a pressure-side vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is that it has higher energy consumption.

  • Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cleaning a swimming pool is quite a stressful and tiring task. Manually cleaning it can physically drain you. As luck would have it, there are available robotic pool cleaners in the marketplace that will surely give you the topmost assistance in conserving the cleanliness and quality of your pool. 

Most of the robotic cleaners aren’t that complicated to install and operate. Its function is quite easy to understand. They can even do the task without needing too much of your attention. They’ll work independently. Additionally, they’re cost-effective, purely economical, and environmental-friendly. Normally, they use a plug-and-operate function. They don’t need gas to work and they do their tasks productively even with less consumption of power.

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is one of the most newfangled robotic cleaners obtainable and it is one of the most recommended selections if you want to make a more thorough cleaning of your pool. This Dolphin cleaner is very energy-efficient and highly dependable. 

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Many users said in a review section that they love how this robotic cleaner can easily climb the pool walls. It can even rigorously clean the steps and waterline. It’s made out of lightweight materials which’s why it’s easy to carry and store. You can rely on it as it can independently do its cleaning task for you. 

  • In-Floor Pool Cleaners

Some experts state that this cleaner is better than robotic cleaners. This type of pool cleaner uses an in-floor cleaning system that incorporates the use of pop-up cleaners to carry away the dirt and debris. Why are they called pop-ups? Well, it’s because they literally pop out of the pool’s floor to clean it and then retract once they’re finished cleaning.

Pop-ups normally release pressurized and filtered water in a specific direction to move the debris and dirt towards the pool’s main drain. After that, the drain will suck in the debris and dirt, and you can effortlessly clear it out. 

Pop-ups clean the pool in groups to render a quicker cleanup. But these groups do not work at one time, instead, they usually take different turns to bring the debris and dirt to the drain in a more organized and effective way.

In-floor pool cleaners are versatile as they can work properly and productively with any pool type such as fiberglass and concrete.

Is It Still Essential To Learn How To Clean Pools Manually?

Positively, the answer is yes. Sometimes, finishing tasks manually is still much more effective than relying on mechanical cleaners. That’s why some of the experts still suggest pool owners learn how to do manual vacuuming

Technology is very helpful and beneficial especially in the modern world we are living in right now, but sometimes, the traditional way is still a good idea. Manual vacuuming may require extra physical effort, but learning how to do it will surely give you an advantage.

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