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Dental Implants vs Dentures – Which Option is Better for You?

Dental Implants vs Dentures – Which Option is Better for You?

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From a distance, dental implants and dentures might seem like they’re roughly the same, but they’re vastly different. Both procedures are indeed meant to replace missing teeth, but this is pretty much where the similarities end. 

The choice you make will depend on how severe your situation is, the price, your jawbone’s condition, and your preferences. So, before you choose one option over the other, you need to understand how each works. Let’s take a look at the differences between dentures and implants and which one would be the best choice depending on your case.

Dentures vs Implants

The biggest difference between implants and dentures is that one is fixed while the other isn’t. With implants, one part is implanted permanently into the jaw. This is where the visible part of the implant will be screwed in and is meant to replace the tooth’s natural root.

Dentures, on the other hand, are removable appliances that can be used to replace not only the teeth but part of the gums also. Most will have a pink base made of acrylic that adheres to your gums. Some will also have a metal framework to make them stronger and sturdier.

When are Dentures a Better Option?

One of the biggest deciding factors when choosing between the two is your budget. Implants are considerably more expensive than dentures, and if your condition allows it, it might be the only realistic option for you. Another benefit of dentures is that the procedure is not invasive. Not everyone wants to have something permanently implanted in their jaw. Others may want to be able to take their false teeth out from time to time. This is something that can only be done with dentures.

There are also many disadvantages to dentures that have to be considered, however. For one, these will not feel like natural teeth and can’t be used as such either. Many foods are not recommended for people with dentures. These can be things like popcorn or nuts, but also things like steak. Having to kiss steaks goodbye or chopped down to a mush consistency before being able to eat it might not be your idea of living. In this case, you might want to look at permanent options like dentures.

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When Are Implants a Better Option?

Implants are the best choice if you only have one or a few teeth that need to be replaced, and you want something that will replicate the look and action of a natural tooth. This means no food restrictions and almost no way for people to know that you’re wearing implants. Not only that, but implants become one with your jaw and will prevent it from disintegrating like it can be the case with dentures.

You have to make sure that you work with the right dentist if you want the best results, however, and learn as much as possible about the procedure before you start. If you are looking for dental implant Brisbane by Pure Dentistry and want more information, this site has details. It explains exactly what dental implants are so you can get a clearer picture of how they work. Pure Dentistry also explains who the best candidates are and the many benefits of implants.

Dental implants and dentures are fundamentally different and one might be better than the other depending on your case. This is something only a good dentist will be able to review with you, so you can make the right decision.

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