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As-A-Service’ Model Works So Well for Digital Transformation

As-A-Service’ Model Works So Well for Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation has not just changed technology but has as well positively affected the way business is done. A great example of the evidence of digital transformation is the case of the lightning-quick development of the As-A-Service (aaS) model.

The model has changed how industries ranging from sales, transportation, and more are now run. The aaS model has moved far beyond software delivery, and it’s now the preferred method moving through life.

There are numerous reasons as to why the aaS model is growing. In fact, research has shown that the XaaS market will annually grow at a compounded rate of nearly 40% from 2016 to 2020. 

It promises services ranging from storage to pet-sitting to food delivery. No wonder one of the executives noted that the XaaS is becoming a mind-set and a strategy for digital transformation.

The XaaS model is the perfect solution as society is moving fast, and it likes to keep its options wide open for the next big thing. Below are some interesting reasons as to why the XaaS will work so well for Digital transformation in business:

Mobility Reigns

With the growth and increase towards a mobile-first and cloud-focused environment, it makes so much sense for various business users to follow suit. It will help them keep everything on the cloud where it can be easily accessible and up-to-date all the time. 

By doing so, they allow contingent and remote workers to function efficiently without sacrificing the quality of work or security.  

Democracy Is Still Vital

The Xaas model helps in the democratization of infrastructure in almost every possible way. Anybody can choose his/her preferred choice of services, without necessarily having any technical skills or knowledge. 

It will help to change the entire business models, and also open other tremendous opportunities for both large- and small-scale businesses alike. 

Flexibility Is Essential

Flexibility, as well as agility, are two essential factors for any company that seeks to thrive in digital transformation. In fact, its seen as a strategy for digital transformation. Legacy systems alone cannot merely change fast enough to keep up the current changes facing the modern business world. 

Just like how most customers desire an increase in personalized services, businesses as well do likewise. Xaas allows companies to change on-demand as they see fit. 

It may be that the business can personalize a process, scale up or down, or choose an entirely new XaaS vendor to fit into a changing business season or climate. The ability to be flexible is useful for any size of the business, in any industry. 

Cost-Effectiveness Is Crucial

So many businesses out there are zeroing in on the bottom line. The exciting thing about XaaS is that it requires little investment on the front end and permits you to steadily grow its level of service when needed as time goes on. 

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A quote by the Broadcom Ltd. Vice President and CIO Andy Nallappan says that the XaaS helps to “liberate” IT teams from daily mundane tasks like monitoring and management. 

Instead, it allows companies to invest their money in business strategies, instead of infrastructure and maintenance that can easily and quickly change in today’s market regardless of the situation. 

XaaS does even more than just cutting costs. It also has the potential of driving growth and revenue to companies who can use it effectively and creatively. 

The Latest And Greatest Are Easily Accessible

Digital transformation has created a business climate where business users wish to thrive to avoid falling behind. However, it can be difficult, especially in an environment where technology changes daily. 

If a competitor tries out new software or program intending to improve customer experiences, there is every chance that you will also want to try it as well. Well, that is possible with XaaS. 

Also, XaaS helps you to easily eliminate the risk of making a wrong decision as you can cancel the service if it does not meet up to your expectations with ease. 

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