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Business 101: How to Implement Your Marketing Strategy In A Right Manner?

Business 101: How to Implement Your Marketing Strategy In A Right Manner?

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Marketing is a straightforward concept where the goal is to attach your business’ value to the proper customer base. The 5 P’s of marketing are Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and people–which are key marketing elements used to position a business strategically. Helps outperform their business competitors.


Product refers to the products or services offered by any business. Product decisions involve function, packaging of the product, appearance, warranties, quality, etc. 

Customers must understand the features, advantages, and benefits that will be enjoyed by buying goods or services. When considering a product, consider the key features, benefits, and therefore the consumers’ needs and wants.


Price relates to the pricing strategy for products and services and the way it will affect customers. Pricing decisions do not include just the price but also discounts, payment arrangements, credit terms, and any price-matching services offered.

When determining a pricing strategy, it’s important to think about the business’s position within the current marketplace. For instance, if the business is advertised as a high-quality mechanical equipment provider, its pricing must reflect that.


Promotion involves activities that make the business more known to consumers. It includes items like sponsorships, advertising, and PR activities.

Since promotion costs are often substantial, it’s essential to conduct a break-even analysis when making promotion decisions. It’s important to know the worth of a customer and whether it’s worth conducting promotions to accumulate them. Simply because you’ve converted website traffic into leads does not imply those leads are ready to buy yet. It is vital to remain top of mind and trigger them to a purchasing decision.

Email marketing is a critical part of your marketing toolkit. But the fact is 73 per cent of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come back via email.

Such a strategy is a simple, free, and scalable way to communicate with both new and existing customers. Once you have an email marketing tool in place, experiment with email newsletters along with new blog posts and other promotions to your database. We all know small business owners haven’t got plenty of free time to devote to digital marketing, so consider using marketing automation to create this process even easier for yourself. To get started with your email marketing strategy, check out salesforce experts instead of multi-tasking. It is always wise to outsource some business processes to professionals. 


Place refers to where the product/service of the business is seen, manufactured, sold, or distributed. In essence, place decisions are related to distribution channels and ways of getting the product to targeted key customers.

It is important to think about the accessibility of the product or service and ensure that customers can easily find you. The product or service must be made available to customers at the proper time, at the proper place, and in the right quantity.

For example, a business might want to supply its products over an e-commerce site, at a mercantile establishment, or through a third-party distributor.


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People ask the staff, salespeople, and people who work for the business. People decisions are usually centred around customer service – how does one want your employees to be perceived by customers?

You shouldn’t stop marketing once they’ve made a procurement.

You may start by pointing out your repeat purchasing opportunities, upselling, or cross-selling. Since your existing customers have already made a purchase, they are aware of your brand, like, and trust you. If you’ve provided an honest experience, you’ve given them a reason to try to business with you again should the necessity ever arise.

Even if the need doesn’t arise, especially in cases where it is a one-and-done purchase with no upsell opportunities), you must still delight your customers. Word of mouth could be a powerful (and free) promotional tool.

Whether you’re in the process of launching a brand new business or already own one, having an online presence for your brand is a vital marketing strategy. You might have a website or a strong presence across all social media platforms. To understand better, you may list out following questions:

  • What demographics frame your customer base?
  • Where do they live?
  • Where do they hang around online?
  • How do they appear for products in your niche?
  • Who does the listening when making decisions relative to your product?

Having a website is the most vital aspect you may create for your business. This is where you’ll show who you’re, what you offer, where you’re, and the way a potential customer can get in-tuned with you.

It is a channel you’ll always own (unlike other platforms that can change policies or enter and out of style). It’s the potential of generating organic traffic and being a place to send traffic from advertising and other marketing initiatives.

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