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Main Reasons To Start Using Google Advertising

Main Reasons To Start Using Google Advertising

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If you are an advertiser who wants to grow your business fast, there is no better place than Google network. To start advertising on Google, you will need to create a new Google Ads account and learn the basics. 

In this article, we will talk about the main reasons why to start advertising on Google.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s official online advertising program where you can create online ads to reach new customers and audiences that are interested in the products or services you offer. Google Ads runs on PPC (pay-per-click) advertising which means you are paying every time a visitor clicks your ad.

There are about 5.6 billion searches daily on Google. This makes it the largest available platform for advertising. If you will set up your account and campaigns correctly, you can gain a massive audience driven to your site. 

What Campaign Types Can You Create?

Google offers many types of campaigns you can create. You can decide which one can benefit your business the most. We also recommend trying different campaigns at the same time so you will be able to analyse them and decide where to invest more.

Thanks to Google Ads, you can drive more sales, leads, website traffic, product and brand consideration, brand awareness and reach, app promotion. You can use one of the five campaign types that Google offers:

  1. Search campaigns – Allow you to place ads across search results of Google. You can target people that are actively searching for your specific products and services. Search campaigns are easy to create and don’t require special assets.
  2. Display campaigns – These ads can be shown on the Google Display Network while people browse their favorite websites, checking their Gmail account, or use apps and mobile devices.
  3. Shopping campaigns – Studies show that most people will click on ads with images. For this case, display campaigns are the best. You can create ads with images and short descriptions which can increase your sales and drive additional traffic to your website. In Europe, you can use the css program for shopping, where you get a discount on the bidding.
  4. Video campaigns – You can create different videos that will be shown on Google Display Network or Youtube. As you may know, Youtube is the most popular platform for videos, which can be a great way to advertise your products or services.
  5. App campaigns – If you want to advertise apps, you can use this type of campaign. They streamline the process for you, making it easy to promote your apps across Google networks, such as Search, Google Play, Youtube, or display network.

Main Benefits Of Google Ads

After you learned a little about Google Ads and its campaign types, it is time to read more about the benefits.

Achieve Massive Reach Thanks To Google

As we mentioned before, Google is the biggest and most popular platform that is available for online advertising. Every one of us is using Google every day, which means our ads can be shown thousand times daily. Besides that, if you are focusing on SEO and content, people can visit your website while searching for some questions. This is also one way how to gain new customers.

Range Of Targeting

Google offers a wide range of targeting which allows you to target your products or services for a specific category of customers. For example, if you are selling computer components, your ads will be shown to people who are browsing or working with these and they will not be shown to people, who want to buy clothes.

You will be able to target the right audience after some period of time where Google will learn who is clicking on your ads and who is making conversions.

Have Full Control Of Your Campaigns

Google Ads lets you have full control of your campaigns. This means you can edit your budget as you like to or edit targeting/campaign settings depending on their effectiveness. You can always look at the real-time results of your ads, optimize and improve them. One of the most important things in Google Ads are keywords. You can always add new keywords if your ads are not effective or you can remove some of them if your ads are shown to the wrong audience. 

Also, one of the most powerful techniques for adding to your customer base is bidding on long-tail keyword search terms. They are generally less expensive and they can capture the attention of people who are looking for exactly what you offer. 

You Can Use Budget As You Like

Google Ads are based on an auction system. This means, your ads can rank higher if you will bid more money for the clicks. Winning a click can cost some types of businesses hundreds of dollars. 

On the other hand, most keywords don’t cost so much. If you want to invest only a few hundreds of dollars from the start, you can. You can set your daily budget, maximum bids and more. Then you can monitor your account and you won’t spend more than you want to.

After some time, you can decide where to invest more to gain even more conversions from your ads. You do not need to worry that you will spend thousands of dollars from the start. You can always optimize your budget and performance.

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Results Are On One Place

You will never improve your campaigns if you do not know what you are doing wrong. Google is different in this way.

Google is trying to make everything straightforward and easy to understand. You can control your impressions, clicks, keywords budget, etc. Also, you can use Google Analytics integration if you want to have even more detailed reporting. It allows you to see exactly how visitors are behaving on your website. Thanks to these reports, you can improve your website, ads, or keywords to gain even more from Google Ads.

Build Brand Awareness

Google Ads is not only about driving traffic through PPC ads on search engine results pages. You can use Google Ads also for building brand awareness. Even if potential customers are not clicking on your ads, they see your brand, tagline, what you offer, or ads extensions. You can also prioritize brand awareness by choosing to show your ads to more people who do not need to look for products you are offering.

Use Different Bidding Strategies To Maximize Roi

Google Ads offers different bidding strategies that can be used to maximize ROI. For example, there is CPC bidding which is the basic one. CPM bidding means “cost per thousand viewable impressions”. You can use this strategy to improve your brand awareness. If you want to focus on conversions like purchases or sign-ups, you should use CPA bidding.

If you know your goals and you will choose the right bidding strategy, you can easily maximize ROI (return on investment). Also, you can use automation for your budget, ads and keywords by using Smart Bidding Strategy or other tools like Bidding simulator.


Google Ads is really a good opportunity and tool to increase your sales, brand awareness or bring you new customers or leads. You can use different campaign types, such as search campaigns, display campaigns, shopping campaigns, video campaigns or app campaigns. Beside that, you can focus on the right audience and your ads won’t be shown to people who will never make a purchase on your website.

If you want to succeed in online marketing, Google Ads is definitely one of the greatest services available for now. 

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