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6 Nail Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

6 Nail Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

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They are more visible when you give him your hand to hold, to shake, and for a kiss. Moreover, they are hard to conceal. If the word “nails” popped up in your mind, then you are on point. Unfortunately, giving your nails a new look might prove expensive. 

As a rule, in looking for the site to go for nail supply, select one which offers both nail polish and nail tools. This dramatically lowers costs to be met. With the anticipation of what 2021 has to offer, one cannot help but wonder what nail trends to look forward to. This article provides an insight into 6 nail trends to look forward to in 2021.

1 – Abstract Organic Shapes

In 2021 you should expect a lot of abstract organic shapes in nail art trends. Now concerning the choice of colors, aim for muted monochromatic colors. The ones that fit right through in that contest are deep burgundy and nude combos.

2 – Unique French Manicures

For stylish smooth, soft finish nail art, you should go with French manicures. These have trended in the previous years and are still projected to do so. The slight difference would be the inclusion of more fall monochrome colors in place of white tips.

3 – Brown Shades

Nail artists have been pointing out shades of brown being the “new nudes “. As to such, come 2021, they encourage the use of brown shades in both matte and glittered versions.

4 – Shades Of Pink

Shades Of Pink

A divergence from traditional muted neutral pink has been on the rise. Pink was a popular choice for nail artists in 2020. The same should be expected with trends to be seen in 2021. You should be looking into trying all shades, which include bubblegum to hot pink. 

5 – Natural Nails

With the covid 19 pandemics having taken the world by surprise, many people have gone natural concerning nails. Either fear of getting infected through contact while getting nails done. Or some sort of excuse related to covid19 is responsible. 

However, some work can still be done on natural nails. To ensure natural nails maintain a strong appeal, It will be key to make use of nail files and application of cuticle oil. The oil effectively hydrates your hands and nails, giving them a fine appeal.

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6 – At Home Manicures

The more significant part of 2020, having been dominated with imposed lockdowns, saw most manicuring businesses closing their doors to customers. This prompted nail enthusiasts to look for alternatives in the form of at-home manicures. 

Manicures do not have to be complicated for a great appeal. Simple designs that are easy and convenient to maintain are the ones to go for. With 2021 coming, while the pandemic is still very much dominant, home manicures are only projected to rise.

To wrap up, it is thus evident that like 2020, 2021 nail trends will much be shaped by covid 19 pandemics. With more nail aligned businesses having been closed, figuring the site to go for a nail supply is also going to be key.

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