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What Are The Most Popular Programming Languages 2021

What Are The Most Popular Programming Languages 2021

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If you’re not a programmer or developer, you probably just hire a Javascript developer for your web projects, and that’s all you need from the programming world. But have you ever wondered what the most popular programming languages are and what each of them does? 

If yes, then in this article, we’ll satisfy your curiosity by going over the most popular coding languages one by one. 

So let’s get straight to the point: here’s the list for 2021!

The Most Popular Programming Languages 2021

1. Python 

It turns out that this year the most beloved programming language is Python, having a 33.18% share in the market. Although many “conservative” programmers argue that Python is for amateurs, it turns out that its simplicity and easiness make it a pretty popular choice. 

So What Is Python? 

Python serves back-end development. It is a general-purpose language used most in data science and app development. Some popular online platforms used Python in their code, the most notorious of which are YouTube, Google Search, and iRobot machines. 

Usually, Python is the perfect choice for beginners who only start to explore the development world. It is a very easy-to-learn and even easy-to-use language that offers you an extensive library for tasks and commands, intuitive qualities and pretty much anything you need to make programming more fun. 

With over 50% of hiring managers seeking professionals who know Python, you can be sure that learning Python will never harm you. In short, in 2021, there will be tons of job openings for Python developers and many Python enthusiasts who will apply for them! 

2. Java

Next on the list is Java, with its 16.29% share in the market. Even if you know nothing about programming, you’ve certainly heard the name Java somewhere. So let’s finally understand what Java does and why people need it? 

So what is Java? 

Java is a back-end development language used in eCommerce, finances, and app development. 

It’s an object-oriented, general-use programming language. For those who don’t know, object-oriented languages are the ones where the development method is to start by creating objects which contain functions and data and which, in their turn, will be used in the broader structure of the program or app. 

Java, too, is pretty popular in the American marketplace. Although it is a little harder than Python, it is still a fairly easy-to-use language that also provides high security and can handle extensive data. This is why Java is so much loved in the finance sector and used in banking, stock market, and billing. 

It is also compatible with almost every operating system; that’s why it is referred to as the famous “write-once, run anywhere” language. With Java, you can write mobile apps, remote processors, sensors, and many other consumer products. 

3. JavaScript 

The third place in the popular programming languages gets JavaScript. Let’s make it clear from the beginning: no, it’s not the same as Java. JavaScript is both frontend and backend programming language used in web development, game development, web servers, and mobile apps. 

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Currently, JavaScript shares 7.25% of the market, following Python and Java. 

So What Is Javascript? 

In technical terms, JavaScript, which is also abbreviated as JS, is the high-level, just-in-time compiled, and multi-paradigm programming language. It is used to manage the web pages’ behavior. To put it simpler, you’ll probably recognize JavaScript for its animated graphics, clickable buttons, and interactive maps. It is the language that spices up your website and makes it look way cooler. 

Usually, the JavaScript programmers also know HTML and CSS to engage fully in the frontend development and provide the best results. Again, just like Python and Java, the popularity of this language has a lot to do with its simplicity: it is easy to learn, easy to utilize, and easy to read. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge to start learning JavaScript, and you can quickly master it yourself with all the online courses out there. 

There are also many online communities out there that will help you in case any question arises. So the support you’ll get during your learning stage is incompatible. 

And even if you don’t want to learn JavaScript yourself, it is always easy to find and hire a JavaScript developer as there are countless good JavaScript freelancers out there. 

These were the three top programming languages of 2021. Now you know what to learn in case your curiosity about the development world starts to grow.

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