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Elevate Your Style with Anime Glasses | Find the Perfect Eyewear Inspired by Your Favorite Anime Characters

Elevate Your Style with Anime Glasses | Find the Perfect Eyewear Inspired by Your Favorite Anime Characters

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Have you ever noticed anime glasses in any anime series or movie? Anime characters mostly wear glasses that are glowing or shiny. I was wondering what’s the reason behind glowing anime glasses. If you are in the same boat and trying to find out the answer to this question then great, you are at the right place. In the article below i am going to discuss why anime glasses glow and how you can create glowing anime glasses at home. 

Let’s have a look. 

Why Do Anime Glasses Glow?

Anime Glasses are also known as “ Scary shiny glasses”. Glowing glasses usually depicts intelligence, villainous characters or plotting. The shining glasses depict that character is going through some mind game to plot something. Some of the best examples of anime wearing glowing glasses includes: 

  • Gendo Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion. 
  • Aizen from Bleach. 
  • Professor Souichi Tomoe from Sailor Moon.

These glowing anime glasses are very famous among teenagersnow a days. Kids want to create glowing glasses at home to impress each other and to perform their favourite anime characters.. Below i am going to guide you, how can you create Glowing anime glasses in just a few steps. Xanax online

How to Make Glowing Anime Glasses At home? 

You will be needing the following materia to make Glowing anime glasses at home: 

Things You Need

  • Simple Fake Plastic Glasses. 
  • (4) 5mm White LED diodes – diffused. 
  • Beige masking tape, 1.88-inch thick. 
  • Black cardstock. 
  • (2) CR2032 coin cell batteries. 
  • (2) LilyPad coin cell battery holders along with on/off buttons. 

Once you have bought all the given material from a nearby shop, now is turn to collect the simple but basic tools to make glowing Anime glasses. 


  • Pen. 
  • Glue gun. 
  • Scissor. 
  • needle. 
  • Fine Sandpaper (grint). 

By collecting all the important material and tools, you are already halfway done. Now is the  time to start using all of them. Follow the below given steps with me. 

Step 1

The very first step is to prepare the plastic lens. To make it glowy it is important to make the lens a little cloudy. take the lens out of the glasses case. Take sandpaper and start moving it over the lens in the circular motion. Keep doing it for 4-5minutes until the lens becomes cloudy. Once you have done it, now you need something to make it glowy when the LED light falls over it. Generic Ambien

Take transparent tape and paste it over the lens. Cut the extra tape. Now your lens are ready. 

Step 2

You have to follow one more step before putting the lens back to its case. This step is known as “Mapping the Electronics”. Now take the cloudy lens and put them on some cardstock. Trace it over the cardstock using a permanent marker. The card stock will provide a surface for mounting the electronics and to block the LED light when you are wearing your glasses (otherwise the light can affect your eyes) 

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Now, take your lilly pad holders and place them in the centre of the lens sketch you have made on the card. Trace around them, but take care of the negative and positive holes. Now cut around the card stock to place it over the lens. Once you are done with it, take a needle to make holes at both poles. 

Step 3

Now, put the lens back into frame along with cardstock( attached to the lens with electronics) , take two LED’s and bend the cathode and anode. And at the back place the legs of one LED through the positive and negative holes on diagram and on the Lilypad. Repeat the same process with a second LED as well. 

Add the battery and press the on button. Tadaaaa!!! you are done with making your very own glowing anime glasses. You can wear these glasses in a dark room to impress your friends and family. 

Wrapping Up

So here is why anime glasses glow in anime movies, and some simple steps to create anime glowing glasses at home.

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